The Best New Jersey Town To Retire In Will Surprise You


When it comes to retirement destinations, New Jersey doesn’t often top the list. The state’s reputation for exorbitant living costs has deterred many from considering it a viable option. However, nestled within the Garden State is a town that defies the norm and emerges as an unexpected haven for retirees.

The New Jersey Retirement Conundrum

Retirement in New Jersey is generally frowned upon by experts, mainly due to the soaring prices that permeate every aspect of life. Despite any sentimental attachment or desire to spend one’s golden years in the state, the financial burden often outweighs the appeal.

Discovering the Hidden Gem: Englewood Cliffs

Surprisingly, amidst the general discouragement, experts have identified a singular town in New Jersey that stands out as a promising choice for retirees. Contrary to expectations, this town is not a picturesque Jersey Shore location, making it clear that retirement dreams by the water might need a different setting. The spotlight falls on Englewood Cliffs, strategically located just a short distance from the bustling metropolis of New York City.

Englewood Cliffs: A Retirement Paradise

What makes Englewood Cliffs so appealing for retirees? According to insights from a Stacker article, there are several compelling reasons. One standout feature is the relatively low property tax rates, a rarity in the tax-heavy landscape of New Jersey. This factor alone makes Englewood Cliffs an attractive prospect for those looking to manage their retirement finances more efficiently.

Senior-Focused Amenities

Englewood Cliffs goes beyond the financial benefits, boasting a board specifically dedicated to senior citizens. This commitment to catering to the needs of the elderly adds a layer of comfort and convenience, acknowledging the unique requirements of retirees.

Sports, Celebrities, and Community

For sports enthusiasts, Englewood Cliffs holds an additional draw – it is home to several professional athletes. The prospect of sharing a community with sports stars adds an exciting element to retirement life, offering the possibility of chance encounters and a vibrant local culture.

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While retiring in New Jersey might generally raise eyebrows, Englewood Cliffs emerges as an exception. With its reasonable property taxes, senior-focused amenities, and the allure of a community intertwined with sports culture, this town challenges the conventional wisdom about retiring in the Garden State. Perhaps, in the shadow of its bustling neighbor, New York City, Englewood Cliffs stands as an unexpected haven for those seeking a fulfilling and affordable retirement.

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