Here Are Five Things You Should Know and Do When Moving to North Dakota


North Dakota is located in the upper Midwestern United States. The state provides a high standard of living, a welcoming environment, nice neighbors, and numerous work prospects. North Dakota has the highest quality of life of any state in the nation.

It’s a tranquil prairie paradise brimming with beauty and wildlife. Additionally, North Dakota is a tax-friendly state. It’s also an excellent spot to raise a family.

So, if you are thinking of relocating to North Dakota, there are several things you should know and plan for, such as the cost of living and how to notify the state of North Dakota of your address change. Here are the seven things you should know before coming to North Dakota.

Moving to North Dakota: What to Know and Do

1. Finding a Job

North Dakota’s unemployment rate was 1.9% in September 2023, the same as it had been in August.

Nursing assistants, custodians, and laborers are among the most popular jobs.

Finding a career in North Dakota is made easier by searching for job vacancies online. LinkedIn, Indeed, and SimplyHired are some popular job search websites.

Getting There

The following are some travel possibilities for getting to North Dakota from various sections of the country:

  • Flying is the most convenient way to travel to North Dakota. Book a flight from your departure city to Minot International Airport (MOT), based on your destination in North Dakota.
  • Train: Another option is to ride the Amtrak train.
  • Bus: If you prefer another mode of transportation, North Dakota cities offer bus services such as Greyhound and Flixbus.

If you’re flying and need help relocating your possessions, look into choices offered by trustworthy moving companies.

Must-dos before your arrival

Moving to North Dakota may be thrilling, but it may also provide numerous challenges. Knowing these things ahead can help you prepare for your new life in the city.

  • If you are moving to North Dakota permanently and get a lot of mail (excluding parcels), you should consider using USPS’s mail forwarding service. Mail forwarding allows your mail to be redirected to the correct address for a set amount of time. Regular mail forwarding costs just over a dollar for six months. If you wish to prolong the service, you’ll have to spend roughly $20 for another six months. You can start the mail forwarding procedure by signing up on the USPS website or at your local Post Office.
  • Moving to a new place provides an opportunity to start over. If you’re moving to North Dakota, selling or giving stuff you won’t need will make the transition much easier. You can sell old household items and personal belongings, as well as anything else that is no longer useful. Select the items that will not be useful to you in North Dakota, then pick whether to sell them on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace or donate them to a non-profit organization.

2. Upon Arriving in North Dakota

Must-Dos Upon Arrival

Learn about your community and take note of the crucial emergency numbers.
Purchasing a daily pass might be a wonderful way to save money if you frequently travel about the city for work or just to check on things.

  • Locate critical facilities such as the local hospital, police station, and fire department for your safety and in the event of an emergency.
  • North Dakota is relatively easy to navigate. There are numerous options accessible.
  • NDOT provides local bus, transit, and taxi services.
    Bisman Transit operates a fixed-route bus system that serves Bismarck and Mandan via six routes.

Exchange your driver’s license.

Once you’ve moved to North Dakota and established residency, you must transfer your out-of-state driver’s license within 60 days. To transfer your out-of-state driver’s license, you must visit an ND DOT office in person and bring your proof of identity, social security number, and cash to pay the charge. To prevent long lines, schedule an appointment online to swap your driver’s license.

Register Your Vehicle

If you’ve recently moved to North Dakota, you’ll need to register your out-of-state vehicle as soon as you establish residency. Failure to do so may lead to penalties and further expenses. To register your car in North Dakota:

Visit your local ND DOT office in person and submit a completed Application for Certificate of Title and Registration of a Vehicle (SFN 2872) along with some other papers. To prevent long lines, book your vehicle registration appointment online.

Change Your Address!

In addition to mail forwarding, you must notify North Dakota agencies, such as the DMV, of your new address. To exercise your right to vote in North Dakota, please complete this fast online voter registration form.

Once you vote for the first time, your name will be added to the state’s central voter file within 45 days.

Changing your address with your employment, bank, doctor, insurer, and service providers will help you avoid future issues.

Opening a Bank Account

Opening a bank account in North Dakota is a basic process. You simply need to bring a copy of your legitimate state or government-issued identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. Gate City Bank has the most conveniently located branches in North Dakota. North Dakota citizens have access to 34 Gate City Bank branches across the state.

3. Cost of Living in North Dakota

Category Monthly cost
1 bed apt rent outside city center $817.50
Numbeo’s grocery list ($70.44 multiplied by 4)
Electricity, heating, cooling, water, garbage
Internet with 60 Mbps $57.71
Transit pass $24.00
Meal, taxi, movie
Gym membership $43.75
Total $1,520.62

4. Weather in North Dakota

North Dakota has an average of 205 sunny days each year. The greatest summer temperature is 82°, while the lowest winter temperature is 0°. North Dakota gets an average of 39 inches of snow each year and 19 inches of rain. Summers in North Dakota are moderate to hot, and nights are typically frigid. The wettest month is June. Winters are chilly, with freezing rain, ice, sleet, and snowfall.

5. What to Do as a Local in North Dakota?

After you’ve settled into your new home in North Dakota, you’ll want to learn more about the state and its attractions. Some of the most popular activities and destinations in North Dakota are:

Maah Daah Hey Trail Association — This trail system features some of the country’s most distinctive and stunning terrain. An ideal location for an adventure.

Lake Metigoshe State Park is one of North Dakota’s most popular year-round vacation sites, offering activities such as camping, canoeing, kayaking, and swimming.

Fort Abraham Lincoln – At Fort Abraham Lincoln, you may enjoy the beauty and history of North Dakota.

Marketplace Foods, Albertsons, and Trader Joe’s are some of the most popular grocery stores in North Dakota.

Walmart and Costco are the two most popular major chain retailers.

Mango’s and The Shack on Broadway are two must-visit restaurants in North Dakota.

Visit North Dakota’s popular cities, including Fargo, Bismark, Grand Forks, and Minot.


Moving to North Dakota promises a good standard of living and plenty of work options amidst the calm grassland vistas. From job searching to settling into your new neighborhood, this comprehensive guide provides newcomers with crucial information and practical recommendations for a seamless transition. Welcome to the hospitable and tax-friendly “Peace Garden State.”

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