Build Your Future in These 10 Fastest Growing Cities In Ohio


In the bustling landscape of Ohio, opinions on rapid urban growth vary widely. Some yearn for the vibrancy and opportunities of larger cities like Columbus and Cleveland, while others seek solace in the tranquility of smaller towns like Munroe Falls and St. Clairsville. The question arises: is being in an area of Ohio that’s experiencing rapid growth a good thing or a bad thing? The answer, it seems, depends on who you ask.

The Cold, Hard Facts

Setting aside personal opinions, let’s delve into the cold, hard facts. Drawing from data since 2010, we aim to uncover which cities in Ohio have experienced the most significant growth. Armed with the insights gleaned from the Census’s American Community Survey, we embarked on a journey of discovery to unveil the fastest-growing cities in the Buckeye State.

Unveiling Ohio’s Growth Hotspots

Topping the charts for 2024 is South Lebanon, proudly claiming the title of the fastest-growing city in Ohio. With a population surge of 67.4% since 2010, South Lebanon has seen its inhabitants soar from 3,809 to 6,376. But what exactly is driving this rapid expansion?

South Lebanon:

For residents of South Lebanon, the city’s ascent to the top of the growth ladder may come as little surprise. Nestled within its borders are the hallmarks of a community on the rise: burgeoning economic opportunities, expanding infrastructure, and a desirable quality of life.


Not far behind is Sunbury, boasting a remarkable growth rate of 66.3%. From 4,168 residents in 2010, the population has surged to 6,933, signaling a community in the throes of transformation.


The story repeats itself in Reminderville, where a population increase of 63.7% underscores the allure of this burgeoning locale. With a population jump from 3,241 to 5,305, Reminderville is carving out its place as a destination of choice for newcomers.


In Harrison, growth intersects seamlessly with tradition, as evidenced by a population surge of 39.3% since 2010. With a current population of 13,086, up from 9,394, Harrison strikes a delicate balance between preserving its heritage and embracing the promise of tomorrow.


Meanwhile, in Pickerington, a population spike of 36.6% underscores the city’s journey along the path of progress. From 17,003 residents in 2010 to 23,229 today, Pickerington stands as a testament to the allure of suburban life.


In Obetz, a population increase of 31.3% speaks volumes about the town’s aspirations for the future. With a population rise from 4,250 to 5,580 since 2010, Obetz is proving that big dreams can flourish in small-town settings.


Last but not least, Hilliard emerges as a growth juggernaut, with a population surge of 31.3% since 2010. With 8,598 new residents calling Hilliard home, the city exemplifies the boundless possibilities that come with strategic planning and community development.

Navigating the Growth Debate

As these cities in Ohio continue to experience rapid expansion, the debate rages on: is growth a blessing or a curse? For some, it heralds the dawn of new opportunities, economic prosperity, and community vitality. For others, it evokes concerns about overcrowding, strain on resources, and loss of cherished identities.

In Summary

In the end, the verdict on Ohio’s growth conundrum remains elusive. Like a double-edged sword, growth brings both promise and peril, depending on one’s perspective. Yet amidst the debate, one thing remains clear: the Buckeye State is a tapestry of diverse communities, each charting its own course amidst the winds of change.

Whether you find yourself in a rapidly expanding city like South Lebanon or a quaint town like St. Clairsville, one thing is certain: Ohio’s growth trajectory is a journey worth embracing. As we navigate the complexities of growth and development, let us remember that the true essence of community lies in our ability to adapt, evolve, and thrive together.

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