GPD K-9 Mistakenly Attacks Homeless Woman During Suspect Pursuit


A homeless woman got attacked early Saturday by a Gainesville Police Department K-9 in pursuit of a suspect, according to a department news release published on Sunday.

According to the announcement, a K-9 unit was dispatched to assist in the search for a felony domestic assault suspect who had fled around 3100 NW 13th St.

Police tracked the suspect to a fenced-in area behind a business, where they discovered items they believed the suspect discarded. The K-9 handler then noticed a person lurking in some bushes behind the store. After offering verbal warnings and receiving no response, the dog was let go.

The K-9 handler quickly recognized that the person the dog attacked was not the culprit. The homeless woman was taken to UF Health Shands Hospital to be treated for calf and thumb injuries.

“This was an unfortunate and unforeseen event,” Assistant Police Chief Nelson Moya stated in a press release. “In this case, the police followed all departmental standards and procedures but came upon a person in an unfortunate and unexpected position. This is another proof that safe shelter is essential. GPD is continuing to collaborate with GFR and other partners to improve the safety of our homeless friends through community engagement.”

The GPD’s K-9 team resumed active duty in January after being disbanded in March 2023 following the arrest of Terrell Bradley, who lost an eye during a K-9 apprehension. Bradley was stopped in July 2022 for a driving offense. He raced away, hiding in some nearby bushes for about an hour before being discovered by one of GPD’s canines.

Body camera footage shows the dog mauling Bradley into submission as he shouts for aid for officers to remove the dog. He repeatedly asserted that the dog bit his eye, which he eventually lost during surgery.

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