Florida Man Arrested in Homeland Security Probe as Husband of Missing Mother Faces Legal Scrutiny


WFLA / TAMPA, FLA — According to a report, U.S. Marshals detained the husband of a missing Florida mother in relation to a Homeland Security case.

According to WESH, Nicole Baldwin’s husband, Brett Baldwin, was placed under arrest in Marion County on Thursday. Nicole has been missing since early November.

The publication claims that “possession of obscene material” is the reason for a federal hold. The arrest had nothing to do with his wife going missing.

The family told WESH that the house was broken into on Thursday morning and confirmed the arrest. Their daughter, Alisha Baldwin, stated that their grandma was stressed out as a result of the arrest.

The family is hoping that their mother’s search won’t be hampered by their husband’s detention.

“I know there will be another comment saying, ‘See, we were saying her dad had something to do with it,’ when this video gets posted,” Alisha Baldwin remarked. “People are just cruel on top of everything else, which is really why I was hesitant about this.”

Citing an ongoing investigation, a Homeland Security representative declined to comment to WESH.

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