Unprecedented Squatter Vacates Lavish L.A. Airbnb Residence After 570 Days Rent-Free, Files $100,000 Lawsuit Against Landlord


Elizabeth Hirschhorn eventually left Sascha Jovanovic’s Brentwood Airbnb on November 3, having lived there for 570 days without paying rent.

September 2021 saw a very uneventful beginning, but ultimately it ended with lawsuits between the renter and the owner.

Jovanovic told the L.A. Times, “I’m a little overwhelmed, but I finally have my home back.” “After she left, my weekend was so peaceful.

Hirschhorn asserted that the unit had been subject to L.A.’s stringent rent control statute while he was staying in the unit, a guest home on his property in the affluent Brentwood neighborhood.

She claimed that Jovanovic had not obtained an occupancy certificate for his house, therefore she had no obligation to pay rent, and that the mold infestation had caused her injury.

For a documentary about the legal battle that occurred on the day the renter from hell moved out, the homeowner was being interviewed. Following the interview, he observed three movers entering the residence.

Jovanovic dialed 911 out of concern that it was a break-in.

As soon as her items were packed, Hirschhorn was taken off the property by the police when they arrived.

When the homeowner and Sebastian Rucci, his lawyer, knocked on the door to make sure the tenant had finally left, they discovered it was empty. Within an hour, a locksmith arrived to replace the locks.

In order to decide how to proceed with the owner’s eviction case against her client, Rucci emailed Amanda Seward, the renter’s attorney, on November 4.

In a different complaint, Jovanovic is still suing for damages, stating that Hirschhorn is behind on nearly $58,000 in rent.

Since Jovanovic never obtained a license to rent the apartment, Hirschhorn asserts that she is not the owner of anything.

In her countersuit, the renter claims that the landlord has been pressuring her to vacate his property.

Hirschhorn had previously demanded a $100,000 moving fee from her landlord.

Jovanovic expressed his intention to use the area as a playroom for his two small children and to forget about the entire incident.

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