Dramatic Pursuit! Kidanny Robles, Serving 20 Years, Apprehended Near Angleton Prison Following Nighttime Escape

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A Texas criminal serving a 20-year sentence for burglary and robbery was apprehended three miles from a prison in Angleton after escaping last night.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said a routine count was being done at midnight on Sunday when security personnel at the Clemens Unit prison camp found Kidanny Robles, 33, was missing.

A brief inquiry indicated that Robles left the facility, which was a housing area outside the main prison for convicts who need less supervision.

Local and state law enforcement personnel, as well as the Office of the Inspector General, searched Robles, who was found three miles from the jail facility about ten hours after being reported missing. All visitation at the prison was postponed on Sunday because staff members were assisting in the hunt for Robles.

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Law enforcement officers ordered Robles to stop, but he refused. Then, a captain from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice shot him in the arm.

Robles is presently serving a 20-year sentence for aggravated robbery, robbery, and burglary of a home in Bexar County, followed by a 180-day sentence for possession of a controlled substance in Nueces County beginning in 2022 as per foxnews.

He is now facing felony escape charges for fleeing prison.

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