Phoenix Woman Charged as Children Escape TIED-UP, BEATEN, AND TASED ABUSE

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There is terrifying new information in a tragic case of child abuse. According to Phoenix Police, three youngsters under the age of 16 escaped an apartment where they had been tied up and abused before running to a neighbor for help.

Detectives arrested Sarah Canez, a female relative, on charges of felony child abuse and kidnapping.

We discovered other children in the same house, and their father is looking for them.

On Thursday, we met an unidentified man who was pounding on the door looking for Sarah Canez. He was unaware that she had been arrested three days prior for severe child abuse against youngsters under the age of sixteen.

His heart plummeted since he arrived on Thursday looking for his own children, who had been staying with Canez since Sunday.

“I’m terrified for everyone, but all I want to do is find my children. I’m delighted you found me; now I know where to seek,” the man told True Crime Correspondent Briana Whitney.

He mentioned that his children are six and three years old, and Canez is their aunt.

He stated that the victims in this case were living with Canez, a relative.

“I thought everything was going OK. It was wonderful inside. There was furniture and everything, even pretty lovely bunk beds for everyone. “It seemed like everything was going well for her,” the man remarked.

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The bunk beds were cited in court filings, and officials stated that the children were zip-tied to them.

The report describes severe mistreatment. The three victims fled the flat and sought assistance from a neighbor, finally telling police that they had been struck with a revolver, tased in their private parts, choked, beaten, nearly suffocated with plastic bags, and subjected to other gruesome circumstances that will not be mentioned.

The victims remembered Canez claiming she was going to kill them.

The oldest victim claimed Canez feared the siblings were inappropriately touching her girls, but she informed detectives this never happened.

This father stated that he planned to pick up his own children and offer Canez money to help with all of the childcare after receiving his paycheck on Thursday.

“I’ve been trying to call them all week just to see how they’re doing and see if they’re ready to come home and…no answer,” he exclaimed.

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Arizona’s family asked Phoenix Police where his children were, and they stated DCS had also taken them.

Now, as he seeks to reconcile with his children, there is concern that they, too, may have experienced tragedy inside that apartment.

“I wouldn’t even want to describe publicly how I would feel if they were harmed,” the man stated.

Canez is now facing 12 charges of child abuse, five counts of aggravated assault, and two acts of kidnapping.

She is being jailed under a $250,000 cash-only bond.

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