Discovering San Diego’s Top 10 Tasty Treats You Can’t Miss


Take a tasty trip through San Diego’s diverse food scene, where hidden gems are waiting to be discovered. This coastal city has a lot of tasty treats that reflect its rich culture and beautiful surroundings.

They range from spicy treats to sweet treats. San Diego has something for everyone, whether you want fresh seafood tacos that are packed with flavor, handmade ice cream made from locally sourced ingredients, or mouthwatering California burritos that are full of tasty things.

Here are ten treats that you can’t say no to that perfectly capture the culinary charm and gastronomic joys of America’s Finest City.

1. Chicken Tikka Poutine at Curryosity

Just reading the name makes you want to go there if you want to try some tasty San Diego food! But what makes Curryosity’s chicken tikka poutine stand out is the mix of Indian and Canadian flavors that goes into it.

A traditional tandoori chicken topping is put on top of cheesy curry waffle fries in this dish that blends two very different types of food unexpectedly. This is one of the best places in San Diego for people who like fusion food.

2. Pasta From Catania

Handmade pasta from San Diego is just one type of Italian food that is served at this beachfront restaurant. You can get a lot more than just spaghetti and sauce in Catania. For example, you can get artichoke agnolotti and tagliatelle alla Portofino.

3. Chef Guido Burger at Hodad’s

The Guido at Hodad’s is a surf town classic and a culinary masterpiece on par with other San Diego treats. The idea for the burger came from Guy Fieri. It has grilled onions, Swiss cheese, pastrami, and one of our favorite sauces, brown mustard. If you mix a restaurant sandwich with a burger, you get a special treat from San Diego!

4. Sushi at Lumi

This place has a cool, laid-back vibe with a busy rooftop bar and some of the most creative sushi in San Diego’s gourmet food scene. At Lumi, famous cook Akira Back runs the kitchen under an open sky. The restaurant’s large brunch and dinner menu, which includes creative rolls, bowls, nigiri, and sashimi, is just as exciting.

5. Poke Bowls at It’s Raw

If you want to eat in San Diego and talk about poke, this Hawaiian restaurant has everything you need. Some of the seafood you can choose from at It’s Raw is ahi, salmon, shrimp, and crab. This makes it easy and tasty to fill your poke cravings.

6. Vegan Fare at Kindred

Not just any black bean burger or salad will be in this list of vegan choices. This meal is perfect for someone who is very picky about what they eat. Vegan food in San Diego is very popular right now, and Kindred’s high-end dishes like jackfruit BBQ and maitake mushroom burgers make it even better.

7. Balboa Bar & Grill serves the Centennial Burger

The taste of Balboa’s huge burger is out of this world. Two 1/3-pound pieces of fresh, all-beef meat, cooked to your liking, topped with American cheese and bacon. It’s like a regular cheeseburger, but bigger.

8. Surf and Turf Tacos at Tacos El Cabrón

Surf ‘n’ turf tacos are the best food San Diego has to offer. Is there anything more casually tasty? Think about these tacos with a kick: shrimp and beef inside newly-made shells. Right now, picture yourself sitting on El Cabrón’s deck and enjoying them.

9. Ceviche at Karina’s Ceviches and More

There are many tasty meals in San Diego, but Karina’s Peruvian favorites are the ones you should try. This dish comes in nine different styles. You can make it simple with shrimp, avocado, and cucumber, or make it fancy with ahi tuna, pickled onions, and aromatics.

10. Surfin’ California Burritos at Lucha Libre

When it comes to real Mexican food, no one in San Diego can beat Lucha Libre. They serve the Surfin’ California burrito, which is a flour tortilla filled with beef, shrimp, fries, pico de gallo, cheese, and other fresh ingredients.

Final Words

Enjoy San Diego’s culinary gems, where tastes meet and new favorites are waiting to be found. These ten treats give you a taste of the city’s wide range of foods, from unique hybrids like the chicken tikka poutine at Curryosity to famous old favorites like the Centennial Burger at Balboa Bar & Grill. Taste what America’s Finest City has to offer!

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