Check These 9 Arizona Cities Where You Can Retire On USD 2,000 A Month


WalletHub’s most recent study says that Arizona is one of the best places to retire in 2024. This is true for many reasons! The lower cost of living in Arizona ($2,299) compared to the rest of the country ($2,434) makes it a good option for seniors on a tight budget. Its varied scenery makes for a beautiful background, and its warm, dry climate is perfect for people who want it to be warmer and sunnier. Also, museums, theaters, art galleries, and other cultural sites, as well as outdoor activities like hiking, nature walks, biking, and fishing, make for an interesting way of life. Arizona is one of the best places in the US to retire because it has a low crime rate, a well-established healthcare system, and many retirement towns.

1. Casa Grande

There is a lot more for adults to enjoy in this Arizona city than just camping and family fun. The city’s cost of living ($816 a month without rent) is higher than those in other places on the list. But it also has a beautiful setting, fun things to do outside in the sun, and historical interest. Residents of all ages can find things to do and see, including shopping, eating, attractions (like Grande Neon Sign Park and Palm Island Family Aquatic Park), museums (like the Museum of Casa Grande), movies, golf (at the Dave White Municipal Golf Course), and events. Renting a one-bedroom apartment for $999 a month can help retirees live happily on less than $2,000 a month and do a lot of different things in their golden years.

Population: 65,296
Median Home Cost: $320,000
One-bedroom Apartment Rent: $999 to $1,317
Activities for seniors: Community events, golfing, biking, water activities, museum visits

2. Tucson

Tucson is the second-largest city in Arizona. It has a Southwestern feel and modern comforts. One-bedroom rents are reasonable, running from $674 to $941, and the cost of living is lower ($807) than the state average. This makes it one of the most affordable places in Arizona to retire. Its sunny weather, fun attractions, and outdoor activities make it a great place to retire and stay busy. Downtown Tucson also has a lively art scene, a lot of Mexican and Native American culture, and events all year long, which are great for adults who want to be involved in their community. Also, don’t forget that this UNESCO City of Gastronomy is a great place for people who love food.

Population: 557,254
Median Home Cost: $321,500
One-bedroom Apartment Rent: $674 to $941
Activities for seniors: Hiking, Biking, Bird Watching, Wildlife Viewing, Events, Art & Entertainment, Sightseeing

3. Apache Junction

Apache Junction is a suburb of Phoenix that is surrounded by the beautiful Superstition Mountains. It costs a little more than the other places on this list. A one-bedroom apartment can cost anywhere from $775 to $1,700 a month, so look for ones that are cheap. The city has Active Adult Programs to keep older people fit and happy. These programs include hiking, fishing, camping, horseback rides, birding, Canyon Lake recreation, and historical beauty. The lively arts and culture scene in the city makes it a good place for retirees. Also, star parties are held at the nearby Lost Dutchman State Park. Isn’t it interesting?

Population: 41,079
Median Home Cost: $367,928
One-bedroom Apartment Rent: $775 to $1,700
Activities for seniors: Active adult programs, hiking, Canyon Lake Marina, Superstition Shadows Aquatic Center, special events, stargazing in Lost Dutchman State Park

4. Glendale

Glendale is a great place in Arizona to live in and enjoy because it has a lot of history, great professional sports, the best entertainment, and fun shopping. People over 65 who are trying to save money like living there because it’s cheap ($775 a month without rent), the tax rate is low, and apartments start at $885 a month. The city has beautiful parks and recreation areas, like Lake Pleasant Regional Park and Thunderbird Conservation Park, as well as golf courses and the old downtown area. So, retirees of all types can find something they like. A well-rounded life for retirees also includes cultural events, great weather all year, and medical centers that are easy to get to.

Population: 256,622
Median Home Cost: $415,500
One-bedroom Apartment Rent: $885 to $1,520
Activities for seniors: Arts & Culture, parks and recreation places, outdoor activities, scenic sightseeing, biking, golfing.

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5. Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista is one of the most cheap places in Arizona to retire for seniors who want to spend their golden years in peace but don’t have a lot of money. Seniors are drawn to this city in Cochise County because it has clear skies, a fascinating past, and lots of exciting things to do. It also has beautiful views of mountains in every direction and a mild climate all four seasons. Bird watching, hiking, biking, horseback rides, and stargazing are just a few of the fun things that active adults can do. Also, seniors can rent a house for as little as $665 a month and live well for $773 a month. This makes Sierra Vista a great place to retire that is also very cheap.

Population: 45,877
Median Home Cost: $293,000
One-bedroom Apartment Rent: $665 to $1,161
Activities for seniors: Golfing at Pueblo del Sol Country Club, Exploring Ramsey Canyon Preserve, Attending cultural events at Ethel Berger Center, Hiking in the Huachuca Mountains

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