Discover The Top 5 Healthiest County In Maryland


Maryland stands out not just for its scenic beauty but also for the health and well-being of its counties. In the 2022 Healthiest Communities rankings by U.S. News, we explore the top 5 healthiest counties based on their national-level scores out of 100 possible points. This comprehensive assessment delves into various metrics, shedding light on the critical role location plays in the well-being of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Howard County: Ranks No. 18

Discover The Top 5 Healthiest County In Maryland

Howard County takes the lead, securing the 18th spot in the national rankings. This county excels in multiple categories, showcasing a commitment to overall community health. The standout areas for Howard County include Equity, Population Health, and Public Safety. Let’s delve into what makes this county a health champion.

Montgomery County: Ranks No. 55

Not far behind is Montgomery County, claiming the 55th position in the national rankings. The county showcases strength in different domains, with notable achievements in Economy, Food & Nutrition, and Population Health. This diversity in excellence contributes to the overall well-being of Montgomery County residents.

Carroll County: Ranks No. 163

Discover The Top 5 Healthiest County In Maryland

Moving down the list, Carroll County secures the 163rd position. While not in the top tier, Carroll County excels in specific categories, including Food & Nutrition, Equity, and Population Health. Understanding these strengths provides valuable insights into the county’s commitment to the health of its residents.

Frederick County: Ranks No. 215

Frederick County, positioned at No. 215, is another noteworthy contender. The county distinguishes itself in Food & Nutrition, Equity, and Population Health. Despite a lower ranking, Frederick County’s focus on key health factors contributes to its standing in the Healthiest Communities project.

Calvert County: Ranks No. 238

Discover The Top 5 Healthiest County In Maryland

Closing the list of Maryland’s healthiest counties is Calvert County, securing the 238th position. With strengths in Food and nutrition, Equity, and Population Health, Calvert County demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of its community. Understanding the nuances of these rankings provides a comprehensive view of the health landscape.

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