Cowboy Culture Shift Texas Unveils Updated Guidelines for Wearing Cowboy Hats, Embracing a Modern Twist on Tradition


I thought of myself as someone who would wear a cowboy hat last summer. I was set on making a cheap straw hat my new favorite hat, so I bought one.

I was born and raised in Texas. I’ve never been on the back of a horse for more than a second, but I thought I could rock a cowboy hat. Lucky for me, I didn’t pay too much for that hat. It’s just taking up room in the closet now.

Going with a different personality was a fun idea, but the hat was too far. People had to learn rules, and most of them were just about how to deal with life while carrying a big hat around in our busy world.

Cowboy hats are a sign of life in Texas.

John B. Stetson came up with the current cowboy hat in 1865. The hat was made of fur-felt and had a wide brim and a tall top.

It’s meant to protect your face and neck from the sun. Other things you could do with it were swat flies and wave to your friend across the field.

Take a look, most of the rules are very useful.


Respect Indoors

By cowboy hat rules, you should always take off your hat when you go into a place where people live. You can leave it on in public places like banks without any problems.

Seasonal Rules

If you want to look good in a cowboy hat, wear straw from May to Labor Day and felt the rest of the time. It’s like the rule that you should never wear white after Labor Day.

The Bed is Off-Limits

Some stories say that putting a cowboy hat on a bed brings bad luck and evil forces into the house. Why play with fate? Do not put cowboy hats on beds. This rule was made to keep people from sitting on your hat by chance.

Uniform Compliance

The Texas Rangers have to wear hats that are light in color. They need to have both a good straw hat and a felt hat. Hats that look like palm leaves are not allowed.

Don’t Switch Back and Forth

You shouldn’t go from one kind of cowboy hat to another. Just pick one and let it become who you are.

Weather Appropriate

Generally, people wear felt hats when it’s cooler outside and straw hats when it’s hot outside. It makes sense, right?

When in Doubt, Go Cowboy

Keep a cowboy hat in the back of your truck at all times. You could use it at any time!

Pair with Boots

You should really go all out and wear cowboy boots with your hat if you’re going to wear one. Texas is all about the cowboy way of life.

Embrace the Music

If you’re going to wear a cowboy hat, you should have some country music handy. It sets the tone and wraps up the event.

Own It!

Own it! That’s the most important rule of all. Wearing a cowboy hat in Texas is a way to show respect for the culture and be proud of how you look, whether you’re from there or you’re just visiting.

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