Discover the Top 5 Burgers in Maryland in 2024


Let us take your taste buds on a culinary tour through the middle of Maryland, where the best food the state has to offer is burgers. Join us as we reveal “Our 5 Favorite Burgers in Maryland,” a delicious journey through tastes, textures, and the art of cooking.

These burgers, which include both classics and new ideas, are a great example of Maryland’s lively food scene.

Get ready for a delicious experience that will make you want more of the tasty treats that are available at burger places in the Old Line State.

1. Grumps Café in Annapolis

In Annapolis, Maryland, you should check out Grumps Café if you want to have a great burger. The food is good, and the staff is nice. On the menu, you can find standard dinner food. A lot of people love blueberry pancakes with cinnamon butter.

There are also some younger things on Grump’s menu. One of these is the “bayou scramble,” which looks like eggs with bacon and three shrimp on the side. “Peppers” are on the menu too, but they’re not very clear.

Some of the best food in town can be found at Grump’s Cafe. The burgers are especially good. They also have great beer and Mimosas. The furniture is cute, and the mood is laid-back. This place is also good for children because you can sit outside.

2. Beef N Buns N Paradise in Frederick

People in Frederick should go to Beef N Buns N Paradis if they want to eat somewhere that serves tasty food and drinks.

They have some great food, like crab cakes and chocolate custard, and one of the best burgers in the state. People can even choose to eat there or take their food with them.

This diner has an outdoor sitting area and delivers and takes out food. You can order your food online and pick it up whenever it’s convenient for you if you’d rather.

3. Kooper’s Tavern in Baltimore

This is where you should go in Baltimore if you want to find the best burgers in Maryland. This small place serves burgers with lamb, black beans, and Kobe beef.

_Discover the Top 5 Burgers in Maryland in 2024

A lot of people come here to drink beer. Some people in the Fells Point neighborhood really like Kooper’s Tavern. The diner is linked to Woody’s Rum Bar and Slainte and is named after a yellow lab.

People know it for having great food, great service, and lots of drinks. Its burgers have won awards across the country, and Baltimore Magazine called them the best burger in Baltimore. It’s also on Zagat’s list of the best burgers in the country.

4. UR Burger in Edgewater

The new UR Burger is a place in Edgewater that you might want to check out. You can make your own burgers at this fast-casual burger company for as little as $6.99. Your burger can be made just the way you want it with up to three levels of toppings.

There are also six specialty burgers on the menu. You can also order soups and chicken burgers. You can get a beer or a wine to drink. You can also get a drink for adults that has some booze added to it.

5. Clark Burger in Baltimore

Clark Burger, a new independent burger place in Baltimore, has just opened. It has a unique mix of burgers and poutine, a popular Canadian meal that is normally served with fries.

Clark Burger serves food that is both cheap and made with 100% natural beef. It also has a lot of wine, beer, and handmade drinks made in the area. The service is quick and helpful.

At Clark Burger in Baltimore, the burgers are made extra special by adding cheese, sauce, and other toppings on top of them. You can pick between hamburgers made from ground beef or meat from animals like bison. You’ll be amazed at how many options there are.

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