Here Are the 7 Best Buffalo Wing Spots in Pennsylvania You Must Try in 2024


Here is the most up-to-date guide to “Buffalo Wing Spots in Pennsylvania.” Get ready for a fiery journey. Take a tasty trip through the best wing spots in the Keystone State, from the hot center of Philadelphia to the cozy corners of Pittsburgh.

Each place has its take on the famous buffalo wing, which is a feast for the senses with a mix of heat, tang, and savory goodness. Come with us as we discover the sizzling places that make Pennsylvania heaven for wing lovers.

Every bite will be a celebration of bold flavors and masterful cooking.

1. Odis 12 Sports Bar & Grill in Erie Pennsylvania

This restaurant’s wings have earned several honors. A trip to Odis 12 Sports Bar & Grill in East Erie would be incomplete without sampling the wings.

Over 150 different varieties of wings may be sampled here. The sports bar is open and airy, with pizza, burgers, and other options.

It’s a great spot to watch a game while sitting on the terrace and eating wings. There is a range of interesting tastes available, like spicy Cajun wings and raspberry chipotle BBQ wings.

Address: 3702 West 12th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16505

2. The Coney in Indiana, PA

The Coney in Indiana, PA, has the best wings. It’s a casual restaurant with a dance floor and a game room. If you want burgers, hot dogs, or wings, try the Coney.

People like to eat here with their friends because it’s a great place to do so. It’s a laid-back and enjoyable spot where you’ll feel right at home. Our best is the well-known Coney Style Wings.

Address: 642 Philadelphia St, Indiana, PA 15701

3. Wings at Fat Heads Saloon in Pittsburgh

One of the most popular wing joints in Pittsburgh is Fat Heads Saloon. This relaxed saloon features over forty craft beer faucets and a house brew in addition to its traditional pub cuisine.

The wings are a neighborhood staple. This establishment’s inexpensive fare and laid-back ambiance make it an ideal spot for an evening spent with companions. A visit to this location is assuredly successful!

Address: 1805 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203.

4. The Chicken Coop in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

The Watering Hole at The Chicken Coop in Wilkes Barre is a sports bar that serves a variety of pub fare. It is famous for its chicken wings. They have a wide range of tastes, from buffalo to spicy Thai to BBQ.

Here Are the 7 Best Buffalo Wing Spots in Pennsylvania You Must Try in 2024

The food is varied, and several televisions are displaying sporting events. While the cuisine may be dull, the pub atmosphere makes it an excellent venue to watch a game. The sticky wings at the Chicken Coop are renowned, and you can’t go wrong with them.

The wing flesh is perfectly smoked and char-grilled. You can have the basic plain, jalapeno cheddar, or hot parmesan sauce. Everyone will like the wing-centric cuisine. You may sample their other delicacies in addition to the hot and spicy wings.

Address: Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 165 Wilkes-Barre Blvd

5. Alligers House of Wings in Sayre, Pennsylvania

There are a lot of different kinds of wings at Alligers House of Wings in Sayre, Pennsylvania. A lot of people like the chicken wings, garlic parmesan, and kare-kare.

This diner serves tasty fried chicken and also lets you order food to go. It’s known for having helpful staff and low prices. It’s a great place to go with family and friends because it’s calm and quiet.

Address: Sayre, PA 18840, 201 Spring St.

6. Joes Famous Wings & Wieners in Leola, Pennsylvania

To find the best wings in Lancaster County, just visit Joes Famous and look at their menu full of wings. It is on Main Street, just off Route 30, and is the best place in Leola to get chicken and wings.

There are 30 great types of fried wings to choose from, such as honey mustard and buffalo. There are also many side meals to choose from, like onion rings and potato skins, at the place.

Kids are allowed to eat here, and the laid-back vibe is great for families. You can order food to go or have it delivered, and there are lots of places to park.

Address: 56 West Main Street, Leola, PA 17540

7. Wingers in Villanova, Pennsylvania

The wings at Winger’s are wonderfully cooked and uniformly covered with homemade sauce. This wing joint’s wings are so juicy and crispy that they’re perfect for sharing, and the seasonings range in taste from mild to spicy. It’s also an excellent location for an after-school snack or drink.

Address: Villanova, PA 19085, 819 E Lancaster Ave

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