Desmond Brown, Extradited Back to Alabama, on Murder Charges


This week, 29-year-old Desmond Brown from Rome, Georgia, was arrested and charged with capital murder here in Cherokee County.

Devin Watts, 37, and Christopher Pullen, 24, both from Rome, were arrested at the Cherokee County Detention Center on October 10 on charges of capital murder in connection with the deaths of two half-sisters in 2020. At that time, Desmond Brown, who was also facing charges in that case, had not been extradited back to Alabama.

They are charged with killing 18-year-old Vanita Nicole Richardson and 30-year-old Truvenia Campbell over a lost handbag. After that, the bodies of the victims were thrown off a bridge in Rome.

After proof showed that the killings happened just inside the Alabama state line, the case was moved to Cherokee County.

Previous reports said that cell phone records and statements given to police showed that all five of the suspects rode to Alabama. On the way back to Rome, Brown, who was driving, pulled over and wanted to search the two women because he thought they had stolen his wallet during a party at his house.

It was said that Ms. Campbell fought back and was shot. After that, Ms. Richardson was also shot. Wilson said that Brown shot Campbell several times and then shot Richardson, the younger sister, as she tried to follow orders.

Brown was booked into the Cherokee County Detention Center just before noon on Tuesday after being extradited back to Alabama. Watts and Pullen are still being held locally.

We will have more to say about this story as it develops.

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