Cuomo Retaliates, Suing New York Attorney General Letitia James To Retrieve Documents He Says Would Clear His Name


Attorney General Letitia James is being sued by former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a daring action that has drawn attention from the public. The goal? to force her to divulge 180 papers related to the probe into sexual harassment that resulted in his departure. Amidst lawsuits from two women who claim he assaulted them sexually while in office, Cuomo claims these documents are the key to his exoneration.

The cases are the result of an investigation by James’ office into claims that Cuomo behaved inappropriately, which prompted Cuomo to resign in 2021. Cuomo, however, has consistently maintained his innocence and asserted that the entire process was a political witch-hunt led by James, his longtime rival.

Eleven women have come forward with accusations against Cuomo, ranging from verbal abuse to groping. Cuomo has expressed regret for any remarks that were misunderstood, but he categorically rejects any physical misbehavior.

Charlotte Bennett, a former staffer, and an anonymous New York State Trooper are currently suing Cuomo. Bennett claims Cuomo harassed her by asking inappropriate questions about her personal life, while Cuomo is accused of making unwelcome approaches and physical contact by the State Trooper.

Another former assistant, Brittany Commisso, has also made accusations against Cuomo, claiming he touched her improperly. Commisso has not yet filed a complaint, but she considered doing so late last year. Criminal charges against Cuomo were first brought about by her allegations, but they were later withdrawn.

James, according to Cuomo’s team, has continuously declined to release the transcripts of the interviews with the women. The New York Daily News’ requests to release these records for public access have likewise been turned down.

Cuomo and his legal team contend that disclosing these records will benefit the public interest in addition to helping to clear his name. Cuomo’s spokesperson Rich Azzopardi said, “Every single piece of information that has come out over the last two years has done nothing but undermine Tish James’ sham report.”

Cuomo has not been charged despite the inquiry into the allegations.

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