Along The California Coast, Wind Gusts As High As 50 Mph Might Cause Power Disruptions Due To Toppled Lines


A wind advisory has been issued by the National Weather Service for coastal areas, including the Santa Cruz and Santa Lucia mountains, that stretch from Sonoma County to Monterey County. This advisory will be in force from this evening at 10 PM until Monday at 4 AM PST.

Residents in the impacted areas, which include San Francisco, the Marin Coastal Range, the Sonoma Coastal Range, the Coastal North Bay, the San Francisco Peninsula Coast, the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Santa Lucia Mountains, and the Northern and Southern Monterey Bay, are advised to take precautions. They should expect south winds of 20 to 25 mph with gusts up to 45 mph.

The advisory might have a few power outages, severe gusts that could blow about unsecured things, and tree limbs being blown down. Further information indicates that wind gusts near ridge tops and high elevations may reach 50 mph, while gusts at lower elevations may reach 30 to 35 mph. It is recommended that residents secure unsecured outdoor furniture and decorations.

The National Weather Service advises drivers to drive extra cautiously, especially while operating high-profile vehicles. It is also recommended that households secure outdoor items to keep the powerful gusts from blowing them over.

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