Buc-ee’s Managers Earn Up to $225,000 a Year- Four Times More Than Teachers


Most of the time, when I drive from San Antonio to Austin, I stop at the Buc-ee’s in New Braunfels. On my drive last week, I had a guest from another country who had never been to a Buc-ee’s.

What shocked her was how big the store was and how many things were for sale. What shocked her more, though, was the sign at the door that listed the open jobs and how much they paid.

The Texas gas station and grocery store chain’s lowest-paid worker makes $18 an hour, which is more than twice the state’s minimum pay. The sign said that Buc-ee’s general managers can make up to $225,000 a year. You’ll also get health insurance, a 401(k) match, and three weeks of paid leave.

For what Buc-ee charges, the rates are way above the norm. The 2022 NACS State of the Industry Compensation Report says that the average hourly wage for a full-time worker at a convenience shop was $14.33, and the average hourly wage for a part-time worker was $13.76.

They make a lot of money, even more than teachers. The Texas Education Agency says that a teacher with ten years of experience makes $45,630 a year. This means that a General Manager at Buc-ee’s can make more than four times what a teacher makes.

We’re very proud of the high wages and not just the high wages but the benefits as well. The 6 percent matching 401k, the fantastic health and dental insurance, paid time off that’s three weeks long. And of course, the high hourly pay are huge differentiators in the marketplace. And we believe that attracts the best employees.” Jeff Nadalo, the company’s general counsel.

Are you surprised by how much Buc-ee’s pays its workers? Do you think that more companies in Texas should pay these amounts? Write what you think in the box below, and feel free to share this story with other people so they can join the discussion.

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