Arctic Blast: Texas Law Requires Pet Owners to Provide Shelter or Face Penalties


HOUSTON: Remember that a new law says people who have dogs outside must give them food, water, and a place to stay.

PETA and the HPD will be out in full force during the Arctic Blast looking for criminals.

“There will be ultra-cold temperatures, and we need to make sure everyone in the state of Texas is aware,” said the governor.

People of all ages need to keep an eye out for the old and animals during these tough times.
Tena Lundquist Faust, co-president of Houston PetSet, said, “We’re so worried about the animals on the streets and in backyards who don’t have a place to stay warm when it gets really cold.”

BARC got 50 doghouses from Houston PetSet and L-3 Landscape Design.

“First come, first served,” said Jarrad Mears, director of BARC. “If you call 311, they can give you our address and where to come to pick them up.” “You will need a pickup truck.”

“We have some small, medium, and large,” said L3 Design owner Lauren Olenius. “We made sure that mama dogs with puppies or small dogs like teacup chihuahuas would have plenty of space.” We need to take care of all of them.

“Maybe some people want doghouses but can’t afford them,” said Tama Lundquist, co-president of Houston PetSet. “Let’s help them be complainant let’s provide the dog houses.”

Dog saver Danna Fullen said, “We will give these to the dogs who don’t have a place to stay.” “They will be able to go inside and be out of the elements and help keep them safe during this freeze”

During the freeze, animal control workers will be out looking for dogs that don’t have a place to stay.

“Depending on the severity of the situation, you could be arrested,” said Mears. “That’s why we are asking people not to wait until we show up at 1 a.m.,” said Mears. “The outcome is likely to not please you.” There is not a lot of precipitation that is expected to take place during this storm,” said Abbott.

And just in case, the bridges in the area have now been cleaned to keep ice from forming.

The director of roads and bridges for Precinct 3 said, “We are covering all 330 bridges with brine from our five trucks.”

“Be smart and plan. “Think about how miserable you’ll be if you have to drive or get caught outside in the next few days,” Mayor John Whitmire said. “Be smart during these times it will pay off.”

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