Three Of Washington’s Cities Are Among The Most Heavily Infested With Bed Bugs


Little, bloodsucking insects known as bed bugs can infest your house, hotel, or other sleeping locations. They can result in allergic responses, itching bites, and psychological discomfort, and they are infamously difficult to eradicate. Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston are two Texas cities that rank among the top 50 American cities with bed bug infestations, per a recent survey by the pest management company Orkin.

The US’s Bed Bug Epidemic

Bed bugs were formerly widespread in the US, but by the middle of the 20th century, better hygiene practices and the application of DDT had virtually eradicated them. But during the last few decades, bed bugs have returned because of things like increased travel, pesticide resistance, and low public knowledge. Researchers claim that bed bugs have had a “global resurgence” in recent years, and US cities are not exempt.

The US Cities Worst Affected

Based on the number of treatments they provide, the pest control companies Orkin and Terminix publish rankings of the top 50 US cities with the worst bed bug infestations each year. Although there are some minor differences in the lists, they both demonstrate that bed bugs are more common in cities, particularly in the Midwest and the East Coast. Several cities that are frequently ranked highly on both lists include Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York.

Still, three of Washington’s cities rank among the most heavily infested in the United States, meaning the state is likewise rife with bed bugs. Seattle comes in at number 13, Spokane at number 27, and Tacoma at number 37 on Terminix’s list of the top 50 cities with bed bugs. Seattle comes in at number 14, Spokane at number 34, and Tacoma at number 43 on Orkin’s list of the top 50 cities with bed bugs. These rankings show that Washington has a significant and pervasive bed bug problem that affects both residential and commercial structures.

The Reasons Behind Bed Bug Infestations and Their Effects

The introduction of bed bugs from contaminated areas, such as hotels, hostels, trains, airplanes, or other public places, is the primary cause of bed bug infestations. Bed bugs can travel to new areas after hitching a ride on clothing, furniture, or other objects. Common walls, pipes, or vents between apartments can also be a source of bed bug transmission.

An infestation of bed bugs can have serious repercussions for both people and businesses. In addition to causing mental misery like worry, insomnia, and stigma, bed bugs can also result in bodily discomfort like welts, skin rashes, and infections. Additionally, bed bugs can harm the profitability and reputation of establishments that cater to tourists and customers, such as motels and hotels. Furthermore, treating for bed bugs can be expensive and time-consuming, needing numerous visits from pest control experts in addition to thorough cleaning and disposal of infected materials.

The Avoidance and Management of Bed Bug Infestations

Intervention, alertness, and education must all be used in tandem to prevent and manage bed bug infestations. Education entails educating the public on the dangers, symptoms, and indicators of bed bugs as well as the most effective ways to prevent and report them. Vigilance entails taking precautions when moving or traveling, as well as examining and keeping an eye on potential bed insect sources, such as beds, mattresses, furniture, and luggage. Intervention entails contacting a professional as soon as possible and doing as advised by pest control specialists, including sealing or tossing infested things and using heat, steam, or chemical treatments.

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In Summary

The US is seeing an increase in bed bug infestations, and Washington is not an exception. Pest control providers claim that three of its cities are among the worst plagued in the United States. Bed bugs are difficult to get rid of and can have a variety of detrimental effects on people and businesses. Thus, when it comes to bed bug prevention and management, it’s critical to be informed, careful, and proactive. By doing this, we can keep these unwanted invaders away from our communities, families, and ourselves.

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