A Haunted Road In Iowa That Will Give You Chills


A lot of people know Iowa for its beautiful cornfields, nice people, and farming history. But behind its picture-perfect exterior is a part of it that not many people have seen and that is full of ghost stories and secrets. One of the interesting places is Stony Hollow Road, a mysterious stretch that people in the area tend to avoid after dark because of its scary reputation and many reports of ghosts.

This gravel road runs through wooded hillsides and offers a wide view of the beautiful Mississippi River. It is in the southeast of the state, close to Burlington. It’s said that people have had strange experiences on Stony Hollow Road, which has a lot of history and mysterious stories.

How Stony Hollow Road Came to Be

In the past, Stony Hollow Road was an important way for nearby towns to meet with each other. But after a terrible event in the late 1800s, the road’s fate took a scary turn. According to a story, Lucinda, a young bride-to-be, waited for her groom to arrive on the road on the night of their wedding. She was wearing white and carrying a bouquet as she looked forward to the start of her new life.

The groom, though, didn’t show up because his wagon got stuck in the mud because of the storm. Lucinda allegedly jumped off a cliff over the road while holding on tight to her roses because she was sad and felt alone. The following day, her dead body was found, which is where the road’s scary image began.

The Story of Lucinda’s Ghost

Since Lucinda’s sad death, strange things have been happening on Stony Hollow Road. People often see a bright white light between 10 p.m. and midnight, which is a normal occurrence. People are drawn to this strange light because it moves and changes colors in strange ways.

Local legend says that this is caused by Lucinda’s restless spirit, who is thought to still be waiting for her fiancé or seeking revenge in some way. People believe that saying Lucinda’s name three times can call her, and seeing her drop a rose is a bad sign that bad things are about to happen.

Reports have also been made of meetings with a scary being called “the Evil One,” which is said to be behind scary whispers and even physical attacks.

What the Paulding Light Is All About

This strange light, called the Paulding Light after the nearby town, has stumped scientists for years, despite many studies. Several ideas try to explain where it came from:

A study done in 2010 led some people to think that the light might be coming from faraway car headlights being bent by the terrain and weather. Others think it might have been swamp gas that caught fire. This idea was first put forward by a local sheriff in 1966. People also think that the light is the spirit of a Native American chief or a train brakeman who has died. Both of these ideas come from local legends.

In conclusion

Stony Hollow Road is still a riddle that both believers and skeptics are interested in. Its allure hasn’t gone away, whether it’s seen as a ghostly apparition, a natural oddity, or a normal event. It’s another part of Iowa’s rich past and culture. Have you seen the Paulding Light before, or do you want to learn more about this strange road? Feel free to share your ideas and stories below.

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