Discover Boston’s Finest: Top 5 Lobster Rolls You Must Try


A lobster roll is one of the most traditional foods to eat when you go to Boston, Massachusetts. As a coastal city known for its fresh fish, Boston has many restaurants that serve this famous dish with their twist.

The lobster roll scene in Boston is as varied as it is tasty, with both traditional and new takes on the dish. Whether you’re from Boston looking for a new favorite spot or just visiting to try the best food the city has to offer, these five lobster rolls are sure to please your taste buds and make you want more of this popular beach treat.

1. Neptune Oyster

Neptune Oyster is a famous seafood restaurant in Boston’s old North End that is known for its fresh seafood and great service. Their lobster roll is a real work of art. It has big chunks of tasty lobster meat wrapped in a buttery, toasted bun. The lobster roll at Neptune Oyster, which comes with crispy fries and house-made coleslaw, shows how much the restaurant cares about quality and taste.

2. James Hook and Company

Find James Hook & Co. on Boston’s shore if you want to feel like you’re in New England. Since 1925, seafood lovers have been happy at this family-owned business, and their lobster roll is always a hit. The fresh lobster meat in James Hook’s lobster roll is the star of the show. It’s served on a simple, grilled bun with just a hint of mayo and lemon to bring out its natural sweetness.

3. Row 34

Row 34 is in Boston’s busy Fort Point neighborhood and serves a modern take on the classic lobster roll. In their version, soft bits of lobster meat are topped with a creamy aioli and served in a bun that has been griddle-browned and buttered to perfection. With fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon on top, Row 34’s lobster roll is a perfect mix of tastes and textures that will make you want more.

4. Yankee Lobster Company

Yankee Lobster Company in Boston’s Seaport District is the place to go for a casual seafood shack experience. Their lobster roll is filling, with lots of soft lobster meat mixed with a light mayo dressing and piled high on a soft, toasted bun. This lobster roll from Yankee Lobster is the perfect comfort food. It comes with golden fries and tangy coleslaw.

5. The B&G Oysters

The South End of Boston is home to B&G Oysters, a stylish and sophisticated spot for seafood lovers. Their lobster roll is both simple and elegant. It has soft bits of lobster meat dressed in a lemon aioli and squished inside a soft, buttered bun. The lobster roll at B&G Oysters is the height of modest luxury, especially when served with a fresh side salad.


In the end, Boston’s lobster roll scene presents a pleasurable fusion of innovation and tradition, satisfying the varied preferences of seafood aficionados. By partaking in the traditional elegance of Neptune Oyster or appreciating the contemporary adaptations at Row 34, these esteemed dining establishments exemplify the culinary expertise and commitment of the city towards flavorful, recently caught seafood.

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