Discover the Top 5 Pizza Spots in Rockwall, TX


Start an exciting journey through Rockwall’s food scene with “Rockwall’s Finest Pizzas to Taste Right Now.”

Enjoy your senses as we reveal a carefully chosen collection of delicious pies that feature the best food in town. Each slice, from standard favorites to bold flavor combinations, is a work of art and a sign of how far technology has come.

Come with us on a trip where perfect pastry meets a symphony of flavors, where you can enjoy the essence of all of Rockwall’s delicious pies. Get ready for a pie lover’s dream come true.

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1. Bella Napoli

  • Phone: (972) 722-9292
  • Address: 407 S. Goliad Rockwall, Rockwall, TX 75087
  • Desc: Seafood, Pizza, and Italian

Welcome from our famous Italian restaurant, a hidden gem in Rockwall and Rowlett, known for its delicious pastas and salads, as well as its delicious Tortellini alla pana and amazing pizzas.

Our family-run business has been providing the community with consistently excellent meals for over thirty years. We take pride in our welcoming rustic atmosphere and warm, welcoming service.

Every customer is treated like family by our team, who are frequently complimented on their kindness and professionalism. Whether you want homemade Italian food or New York-style pizza, our restaurant guarantees a special dining experience.

2. Samee’s Pizza Getti

  • Phone: (972) 722-5835
  • Address: 561 E Interstate 30, Rockwall, TX 75087
  • Desc: Italian pizza

Loved by the community, Samee’s is a hidden gem that offers excellent meals and welcoming service. This unusual place combines a bar with a pizza place, serving consumers a variety of delectable selections such as Italian pasta meals and supreme pizzas.

The quickness of service and ease of buying online are commended, although some conflicting feedback on certain toppings. The restaurant is notable for its keto selections, unusual menu items like the Shrimp Fasano Pasta, and friendly staff.

For those who are in the mood for some of the best Italian food around, Samee’s is the place to go because of its cozy and welcoming ambiance and friendly staff.

3. Zanata

  • Phone: (972) 722-2822
  •  Address: 202 E Rusk St., Rockwall, TX 75087
  • Desc: Mediterranean restaurant, Italian restaurant, pizza restaurant

Explore a hidden culinary gem in Rockwall’s downtown, where a visit guarantees a memorable time of dining, entertainment, and shopping.

Discover the Top 5 Pizza Spots in Rockwall, TX

The restaurant has a varied cuisine that includes delectable salads, Neapolitan pizza, meatball lasagna, and unusual delicacies like avocado filled with crab. Excellent service is provided by staff members who are well-versed in both food and drink selections, such as Ezekiel and Rachael.

It’s a must-visit because of the excellent cuisine and service, especially the Tuesday bargain, which makes up for the rather gloomy and loud atmosphere. Make sure to sample their sweets, particularly the Bananas Foster!

4. The Italian Village

  •  Address: 14775 S Fm 548, Rockwall, TX 75032
  • Phone number (972) 563-7992
  • Desc: Pizza, Italian food, and sandwiches

This restaurant is a great change from your usual spots, and it’s not too far from Dallas. It is famous for having a sauce that tastes nothing like normal marinara.

They also serve delicious pizzas with cheese and meat on top. Its constant quality stands out, even though shipping delays may happen sometimes because of high demand. For a tasty change of pace, you should check out this pizza.

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5. MOD Pizzas

  • Phone: (972) 947-5848
  • Address: 1901 N Goliad St, Rockwall, TX 75087
  • Desc: Fast food and pizza

MOD Pizza is a popular restaurant noted for its customizable pizzas, which allow you to customize the dough, toppings, and style.

It also serves salads, wings, and a one-of-a-kind dessert. The price is affordable, and the personnel is always polite and helpful. The restaurant takes pleasure in its cleanliness, order, and well-designed area.

Despite a few hiccups, such as a burned pizza, the overall quality of the food and service is excellent. The restaurant is also committed to fostering an open and welcoming environment.

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