Discover The Top 5 Philly Pizza Hotspots Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia’s Top Pizza Places To Visit Philadelphia offers a fantastic selection of excellent pizza restaurants, perfect for grabbing a piece or a whole pie. You may get what you’re seeking at a fantastic price at places like Tacconelli’s, Pizza Shackamaxon, and Angelo’s Pizzeria.

Angelo’s Pizzeria

One of the greatest locations in Philadelphia to enjoy a real slice of pizza is Angelo’s Pizzeria. 2014 saw the restaurant’s opening on South Ninth Street in the space formerly occupied by Sarcone’s Bakery. The Old Italian Market is where it’s located.

Cash only, this South Philly pizzeria is well-known for its mouthwatering cheesesteaks and pizza. Because of its popularity, there are frequently lengthy lineups. The pizzeria specializes in serving Upside Down pie and other classic Italian favorites along with signature pizzas. This features a sweet tomato sauce with a touch of Italian spice.

Pizzeria Vetri

A restaurant called Pizzeria Vetri honors real Italian pizza. Situated in Philadelphia on Callowhill Street, it has garnered praise from national newspapers for its critical quality. It was listed as one of the best 25 new restaurants in the nation by GQ in 2014. The restaurant has an open kitchen, a floor-to-ceiling red-accented glass wall, and unique Italian mosaic tiles.

There are three Pizzeria Vetri locations in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia-based company URBN just bought it and plans to open a fourth site soon. The restaurant specializes in Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizzas. The Maurizio pie, calzones, and seasonal squash pizza are among the other menu offerings. Salads and antipasti are also available.


There’s a longstanding tradition of selling thin-crust tomato pie at Brick Oven Pizzeria in the Old City. The hallmark dish is its classic tomato pie with a thin crust. For many years, Brick Oven Pizzeria has been providing client service. Pizzas there are prepared to order.

The eatery enjoys widespread recognition in Philadelphia. It’s the ideal spot to sate your appetite for pizza, but reservations are needed. Give us a call at least one day in advance to book a reservation. After 10 a.m. on Wednesday through Sunday, the restaurant is open. You may also carry alcohol with you.

Pizza Brain

Quirky Eatery is well-known for its handcrafted pizzas with unusual toppings and pizza memorabilia. You may also treat yourself to ice cream. There are numerous places for this pizza in Philadelphia. The service is prompt and the environment is laid back. Fresh and excellent food is served there every day.

In September 2012, the restaurant debuted with a comprehensive museum dedicated to pizza memorabilia. A variety of pizza-related films, artwork, and celebrity pictures adorn the walls. The thin crusts and crushed tomatoes used in the restaurant’s pizzas are combined with carefully mixed toppings.


For those who enjoy pizza, Philadelphia has a thriving pizza culture with a variety of alternatives. Among these restaurants is Angelo’s Pizzeria, which is well-known for its delicious cheesesteaks and specialty pizzas, such as the Upside Down pie with sweet tomato sauce. Acknowledged for its genuine Italian pizza and wood-fired pizzas in the Neapolitan style, Pizzeria Vetri has garnered widespread praise and intends to grow by opening a fourth location. A beloved favorite, Tacconelli’s serves thin-crust tomato pie in the Old City, but reservations are advised because of its popularity. Last but not least, Pizza Brain is notable for its eccentric restaurant that has been there since 2012 and serves ice cream, homemade pizzas with unusual toppings, and a dedicated museum of pizza memorabilia. Together, these businesses offer a variety of gastronomic delights for pizza enthusiasts and contribute to Philadelphia’s flourishing pizza culture.

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