Here Are 10 Surprising Facts About the Whatnot You Don’t Know


Embark on an adventure into the interesting world of Whatnot, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Beyond its vibrant marketplace and bustling neighborhood, there is a treasure trove of hidden jewels just waiting to be uncovered. Whatnot, a unique online marketplace, has captured both buyers and sellers with its novel approach and dynamic goods.

Join us as we reveal amazing facts about Whatnot, delving deeply into its origins, culture, and distinguishing characteristics. Prepare to be astounded as we delve into the lesser-known aspects of Whatnot, uncovering the enchantment that continues to attract people across the digital world.

1. Whatnot is a Unicorn-status Company

We also learned that Whatnot has an astounding $1.5 billion valuation. That’s not terrible for a company that has been in operation for less than two years.

This was the most recent estimate following the closing of its Series C round of venture capital fundraising, which raised an extra $150 million from investors. Whatnot has joined the expanding list of elite enterprises valued at $1 billion or more, known as unicorns.

2. Whatnot is a Live-stream Venue

Whatnot’s retail platform is a specialized marketplace. It has live-streaming features that allow collectors to communicate directly with one another. This allows collectors to learn more about the person they’re speaking with and confirm that they’re not dealing with auto-generated messages or others who may be attempting to scam them out of their valuables. It offers face-to-face contact and a safer atmosphere, which most users value.

3. Whatnot is a Privately Owned Enterprise

Whatnot is a privately held business. The owners elected to keep the company private, which means it is not open to public investment. This is why Whatnot stock does not trade on any public stock markets. They have not yet filed for an initial public offering. Our study found no evidence that this is in Whatnot’s near-term plans.

4. Whatnot Has a Modest Executive Leadership Team

The senior leadership team of Whatnot is small, yet dynamic. It consists of only three people. Grant LaFontaine co-founded the company. Logan Head is a co-founder and chief technology officer at Whatnot.

Gustavo Adolfo Costa Borges is a software architect at Whatnot. The core executive leadership team is supported by a wider team of engineers and business professionals. They collaborated to make Whatnot the flaming success it is today.

5. Whatnot Safeguards Its Users

Whatnot offers a secure platform for serious collectors to purchase and sell from one another. It contributes to the safety of all parties by ensuring that everybody who uses the site to buy, sell, or trade is verified. This is a process that entails verifying important information about the sellers to guarantee that they are who they claim to be and that they have a track record of conducting honest transactions with their clients. There is also a method for assuring that all things sold are genuine and as described. It assures members that they will not be taken advantage of.

6. Life 360 is a Publicly Traded Company

Life360, a venture capital-backed startup, opted to go public. It filed for an initial public offering with the Australian Stock Exchange. The co-founders decided to list the $764 million company on the Australian exchange because it provided better terms than the US market.

7. Whatnot is Contemplating a Massive Expansion

LaFontaine, Whatnot’s co-founder, revealed his vision for the startup’s future. He is looking at thousands more category opportunities to expand Whatnot’s current offers. They are also working on a feature that will allow streamers to import their NFTs into the Whatnot platform and display them on-screen with overlays in the live stream, either animated or static.

The onscreen NFT will include a function that allows viewers to just lap on it to learn more about it, with a plethora of metadata available on demand. His words imply that Whatnot is prepared to make yet another significant increase in the categories of things available on the marketplace. This is fantastic news for collectors, but he did not specify how many more categories would be introduced or what they would be. Whatever the modifications are, they will most likely result in a significant rise in membership, necessitating the expansion of Whatnot’s workforce to keep up with the vetting of new dealers and streamers.

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8. Whatnot Covers the Gamut

If you’re seeking a specific collectible item, it’s likely to be posted on Whatnot. The site covers practically all forms of collectibles, with a focus on those that are currently popular.

Buyers usually know exactly what they’re purchasing, although occasionally a mystery bag will be sold on their auction sites. Video auctions are extremely popular on Whatnot. With few exceptions, bidders may see exactly what they’re competing for with other collectors. Funko Pops, rare Pokemon cards, vintage apparel, sneakers, pins, sports cards, and a variety of other products are currently in high demand.

9. Whatnot Employs a Complicated Set of Technologies

The Whatnot website actively employs nineteen technologies to give its users a smooth and flawless experience. These technologies are applied to a wide range of technological products and services. Some of them are iPhone Mobile Compatible, SSL by Default, Viewport Meta, and many more.

10. Whatnot is an American Startup

Whatnot’s headquarters are located in Marina del Rey, California. Two people founded the company. Their names are Grant LaFontaine and Logan Head. The legal name of the company is Whatnot, Inc. Another California-based company is thriving during the pandemic.


In the end, Whatnot stands out as an example of innovation and safety in the world of online markets. With its unicorn status and live-streaming features, it gives collectors a dynamic platform that puts user safety and validity first. Whatnot is still changing the way people shop online, even though it is thinking about growing a lot.

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