WWE’s ‘Raw’ is Moving to Netflix in 2025, a Major Streaming Deal


The beginning of 2024 has been full of surprises, from The Rock vs Roman Reigns’s dream bout at WrestleMania 40 updates, The Rock being named as a board member of TKO Group, to WWE announcing a potential relationship with Netflix.

WWE and Netflix delivered a surprise on their social media pages a few of hours prior. There have been speculations for a few months that WWE would sign a new agreement for WWE Monday Night Raw. Warner Brothers and Disney were among the prospective organizations interested in doing business with WWE.

” Raw is taking on Netflix! Beginning in January 2025, Netflix will exclusively stream WWE Raw in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Latin America. Every week, all year round.” Via the Netflix Twitter account

According to Variety, WWE and Netflix have agreed to a 10-year contract worth $5 billion. WWE Raw will be available on Netflix beginning next year, 2025.

In a press statement, Netflix announced that not only Monday Night Raw, but also SmackDown, NXT, Primum live events and special specials will be available on Netflix.

After the deal between WWE and Netflix, there were big changes.

Some rumors even say that WWE and Netflix are planning to make WWE-only films that will be available on Netflix in 2025.

Nick Khan, President of WWE, said this about the deal between Netflix and WWE: “In its relatively short history, Netflix has built a phenomenal track record for storytelling.” We think that Netflix, as one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world, is the best place for Raw’s live, loyal, and growing fan group to stay for a long time.

On Patt McAfee’s Show, Nick Khan even said that Raw will not air on Mondays until it comes out on Netflix in 2025.

Three-time WWE champion and Chief Content Officer Triple H also spoke out about the big step. “This partnership is one that will break new ground and take WWE to new heights,” he said. I’m excited to say that WWE Raw will be on Netflix in January 2025. The game has changed now.

There are even rumors that WWE’s Raw will be a three-hour show with a free break for members.

According to another story from BWE, there was a huge party at WWE offices. “Earlier, there was a meeting for all employees.” For lots of reasons. Plans, Netflix, and rock. Paul said that the company would reach new heights in the future. Everyone is excited because there are a lot of promises. Fun times. “A new part.”

To add to the story, WrestleVotes said that even The Rock went to WWE headquarters to party with workers and performers.

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