Woman Arrested for Killing Ex-boyfriend at Bus Stop in Harris County

Image by: ABC13

Police say that a 34-year-old woman has been arrested with murder in connection with the shooting death of her ex-boyfriend at a transit stop in north Harris County.

Authorities reported that the incident occurred in the 22600 block of Imperial Valley Drive at approximately 9:35 p.m. on December 7. When an altercation ensued, involving the victim, Ashton Russell, 35, and four other men and a woman, at a bus stop, Russell was shot.

Near the bus stop, several discharged casings, a pry bar, and a knife were discovered, according to deputies. Video evidence and witness interviews continued to assist deputies in their investigation; these revealed that Sharonda Campbell was the suspect who discharged her gunshot at Russell.

Campbell was accused of the murder of Russell on December 22 and subsequently arrested.

Campbell was released on surety at the time of the murder, according to court records. Campbell was charged with assaulting Russell more than a year prior.

According to the documents, the couple had separated, but she desired to reconcile. Campbell, according to Russell, was “attempting to get him into trouble.”
An instantaneous explanation for the murder’s motive was not provided.

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