Why Arkansas is a Top Destination for Migrants Seeking a Better Life


Against the backdrop of America’s geographic ebb and flow, a surprising trend emerges as thousands of people begin on a migration adventure, ultimately landing in the lovely state of Arkansas. In a surprise turn of events, people from all over the country have chosen to make Arkansas their new home.

Join us as we investigate the underlying causes behind this tremendous migration, revealing the distinct allure that attracts people away from their home states and toward the friendly landscapes of Arkansas.

Top States That People Are Leaving for Arkansas

The United States Census Bureau publishes statistics on state-to-state migration movements each year based on the American Community Survey. According to the most recent data, for the year 2019, the top five states that individuals left for Arkansas were:

  1. Texas: 9,494 persons relocated from Texas to Arkansas, representing 17.6% of the total influx.
  2. California: 7,057 persons relocated from California to Arkansas, representing 13.1% of the total influx.
  3. Missouri: 5,674 persons relocated from Missouri to Arkansas, representing 10.5% of the total influx.
  4. Tennessee: 4,508 persons relocated from Tennessee to Arkansas, representing 8.4% of the total influx.
  5. Oklahoma: 3,892 persons relocated from Oklahoma to Arkansas, representing 7.2% of the total influx.

These five states combined provided 56.8% of the total number of persons who relocated to Arkansas from other states in 2019, which was 53,900.

Reasons Why People Are Moving to Arkansas

People move to Arkansas from other states for a variety of reasons, but some of the most popular include:

Reduced cost of living:

Arkansas has one of the lowest expenses of living in the US, ranking 45th out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Arkansas’ typical house value is $136,200, compared to the national median of $240,500. Arkansas’ median household income is $48,952, whereas the national median is $65,712. This implies that Arkansas residents can afford more with less, particularly when it comes to housing, utilities, and taxes.

Natural beauty and outdoor activities:

Arkansas is noted for its beautiful scenery, diversified animals, and plentiful water supplies. The state features fifty-two state parks, three national forests, one national park, and ten national scenic byways. Some of the most prominent sites include Hot Springs National Park, Buffalo National River, Ozark Mountains, and Crater of Diamonds State Park. Arkansas also provides a range of outdoor activities, including hiking, bicycling, fishing, hunting, boating, and camping.

A friendly and inviting culture:

Arkansas is frequently regarded as a pleasant and welcoming state that values family, community, and tradition. The state has a diverse cultural legacy shaped by Native American, African American, European, and Southern traditions. The state also boasts a thriving arts and entertainment industry, which includes museums, theaters, festivals, and music venues. Some of Arkansas’ most well-known cultural icons are Johnny Cash, Maya Angelou, Bill Clinton, and Walmart.

Final Words

Finally, the migration to Arkansas is told through a variety of motives and statistical findings. With a considerable influx from top states such as Texas and California, accounting for 56.8% of the 2019 migration, Arkansas is drawing people looking for a lower cost of living, an appreciation for natural beauty, and the warmth of its welcoming culture.

The state’s affordability, gorgeous landscapes, and welcoming community all add to its magnetic pull, providing a captivating story of why thousands of people are choosing to make Arkansas their new home.

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