It Has Been Found Out Which Pennsylvania Town Is The Poorest


Pennsylvania is known for its vibrant economy, rich history, and diversified culture. But it has many difficulties, especially when it comes to inequality and poverty. According to a 2023 analysis by WIBA FM, Braddock is one of the state’s most notable economically distressed towns.

Braddock: A Town Falling Apart

Situated 10 miles east of Pittsburgh, Braddock, a town of around 2,000 people, is tucked away in Allegheny County by the Monongahela River. Braddock was once a hive of industry, the site of the first steel factory in America, and a center of trade and invention. It was notable for having a big impact on the French and Indian War, in which a young George Washington fought and suffered injuries.

Unfortunately, Braddock’s heyday is fading. The town has seen deindustrialization, population decline, and deterioration since the 1950s. After the steel plant closed in 1982, a sizable empty lot and a damaged environmental region were left behind. After reaching a peak of more than 20,000 people in 1920, the population has now dropped to less than 10% of that amount. In 1970, the state’s median household income was higher than the national average, but it is currently the lowest at $22,670. Although it was lower than the national average in 1970, Pennsylvania now has the highest poverty rate at 40%.

Braddock: Forsaken Yet Tenacious

Though abandoned by society, the government, and the economy, Braddock is nevertheless a town full of optimism. The town is being revitalized and restored to improve the quality of life for its citizens. Among the resources and initiatives are:

  • Braddock Carnegie Library: The country’s first Carnegie library, providing community amenities, books, computers, and the internet at no cost, in addition to educational programming.
  • Braddock Farms is an urban agriculture initiative that offers food security, job training, education on nutrition, and fresh vegetables.
  • Braddock Youth Project: An initiative for youth empowerment that involves local teenagers in media production, community service, gardening, and mural painting.
  • Braddock Free Store: A volunteer-run business that provides those in need with donated goods at no cost.
  • Braddock Community Oven: A communal wood-fired oven used for potlucks, pizza parties, and bread baking.
  • Braddock’s Field Historical Society: Through talks, reenactments, and tours, the local historians preserve and promote the town’s heritage.

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In Summary

In conclusion, despite its thriving economy and extensive history, Pennsylvania still has challenges with poverty and inequality. Braddock, a formerly prosperous town, has seen both population loss and economic downturn. Despite these obstacles, the town demonstrates fortitude through programs like the Braddock Youth Project, Braddock Farms, and the Carnegie Library of Braddock. These initiatives show a strong will as Braddock actively pursues rehabilitation and a better future.

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