What Happened to Jason Landry? Three Years Later, No Trace of a Missing Texas College Student 


LULING, Texas- Three years ago this week, a Missouri City college student went missing while returning from San Marcos for the Christmas break.

Jason Landry’s abandoned automobile and pieces of his clothing were discovered on a secluded gravel road near Luling, Texas. There was no trace of the 21-year-old.

Family members and others involved in the case have not given up hope, and on Friday they held a vigil at the location where Landry’s car was discovered to beg for a miracle.

Jason’s father, Pastor Kent Landry, is facing another Christmas without his son.

“I never in my wildest dreams would think that here we would be three years later,” the pastor remarked. “As a pastor, I’ve walked through the stages of grief through many a family, but unfortunately for my family, we can’t grieve because we still have to hold out hope, and if not hope, you can’t begin to grieve until you know that person is gone.”

What Happened to Jason Landry? Three Years Later, No Trace of a Missing College Student 

Travis was on his way home to Missouri City from Texas State University in San Marcos on December 13, 2020. Jason’s car got lost on the way home and ended up on a dark, remote country road for some reason that no one has been able to figure out.

Someone would drive by and find his car that cold, early December morning. It hit a fence, but Jason wasn’t anywhere to be found.

No one, not even his father, has been able to explain why he went missing.

What is this? Is it just a one-car crash, a tragedy, and we still haven’t found him? Kent wants to know.

His clothes were not far from the wrecked car.

Investigators said it looked like he took off his clothes and left his things behind, like his cell phone and cash.

The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office said Jason seemed to have gotten out of his car on his own, and they don’t see any proof of a crime. Some people, though, think it’s possible.

“I don’t think there’s been a single scrap of anything,” Keny said, his mind already beginning to think of a worse finish.

“You have to think that someone might have been involved,” he said. “That’s why he’s not here; he’s probably in a shallow grave somewhere.”

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