USPS Employee Arrested in Miami Post Office Altercation: Alleged Assault Claims Surface as Investigation Unfolds


A U.S. Postal Service worker was arrested in Miami because she was said to have lost her cool while a guy used a phone to record her.

In the video, Shintell Latoya Ford is seen calling Miguel Bravo’s phone on December 9 at 425 NW 27 Ave. USPS Jose Marti stops in Little Havana.

“The woman hit me,” said Bravo.

Ford, who is 39 years old, had to stay in jail on Saturday night.

Bravo claimed that he asked to talk to a boss because he saw Ford being rude to a woman who didn’t speak English.

Bravo told Ford, “The way you treat these people is unfair.”

Bravo grabbed Ford’s phone while she was recording him, according to the police report. She did this while giving him a red bruise on his left hand.

The police report says that Ford gave the phone to another USPS worker, who then gave it back to Bravo.

Bravo said, “She ran into the back… I chased them, and they were trying to break my phone because it had a video on it.”

Ford was charged with robbery by quick snatching and was freed on a $5,000 bond by Miami-Dade County police on Saturday. USPS didn’t say anything about the case.

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