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Police in the state of Washington are conducting an investigation into a shooting that occurred over the weekend after it was discovered that an Uber driver had reportedly sexually assaulted a female passenger.

An Uber driver named Ahmed Ali, who is 58 years old, is accused of assaulting a lady who was “highly intoxicated” while he was transporting her home on Saturday, as reported by the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the allegations, the driver utilized the Uber app to make it appear as though he had dropped off the passenger at her destination in the county, which is around one hour away from Seattle. In its place, he whisked her away to a remote location.

When the woman did not return home, her family was concerned, and her father followed her phone to a well-known fishing site in order to find out where she was.

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Upon his arrival, he discovered his daughter lying naked in the back of the Uber automobile. According to a report by Fox13, the driver had reportedly walked back to the front seat and seemed to be holding his pants up.

There is a strong suspicion that bullets were fired at some point during the incident, as officials have reported discovering two shell casings in the vicinity of the incident. It is not yet clear whether the man was shot by the family of the alleged victim. Ali was allegedly “beaten up” by the victim’s family, according to the police records.

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According to the sheriff’s office, the Uber driver attempted to run, but the vehicle was halted by his deputies after they intercepted the driver. A medical examination was performed on the driver after he sustained injuries. Ali was then charged with rape in the second degree as well as kidnapping in the first degree.

Uber has been contacted via email by The Independent for comment. The authorities did not come forward with any information that may be used to identify the victim or her family.

Source: independent.co.uk

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