MAN PLEADS GUILTY in Connection to 2022 Fatal Waikiki Stabbing

Image by: The West Australian

A man who is accused of stabbing a person to death in Waikiki in December of 2022 accepted a guilty plea to a lesser felony within a short time of his upcoming trial for murder. A guilty plea was entered by Lionel Winebush for the charge of first-degree assault. A dispute that took place in Waikiki is said to have resulted in Winebush stabbing Toni Taki, who was then taken to the hospital, where he ultimately passed away.

A disagreement between the two groups led to the occurrence of the event that occurred on December 6, 2022, according to the records filed before the court.

Supposedly, Winebush was a member of one of the groups who drove into Waikiki in order to get revenge on the other group that Taki was working with.

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Furthermore, the documents asserted that Winebush stabbed Taki before fleeing the scene, while other individuals attacked Taki with a baseball bat following the incident.

In the end, Winebush was taken into custody at Tantalus Lookout on December 9th, 2022. Up to ten years in prison might be imposed on Wainebush. He is set to be sentenced on September 13th.


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