Two Pennsylvania Cities Were Named The Most Rat-infested Cities In America


Pennsylvania is well-known for its rich history and various landscapes, but it also has some of the most rat-infested cities in the country. This article goes into recent findings that have landed two of its cities on the dreaded list.

The “rattiest” cities

Orkin, a well-known pest management company, has announced its annual ranking of the top 50 “rattiest” cities in the United States. The rankings are based on the number of new rodent control services requested, which reflects the demand for rodent management solutions. Unfortunately, two Pennsylvania cities have made it onto this list, with one rating extremely high.

Philadelphia: A Top Contender

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, has earned the sixth slot on Orkin’s list. The city’s dense population and old structures provide numerous opportunities for rodents to flourish.

Pittsburgh: Not Far Behind

Pittsburgh, famed for its steel industry background, ranks 16th. These tenacious pests continue to pose a barrier to the city’s efforts to revitalize and clean up its communities.

Prevention & Control

Orkin underlines the significance of taking proactive measures to avoid rodent infestations. Sealing crevices, correctly storing food, and maintaining clean surroundings are all important factors in preventing these unwanted visitors.


The inclusion of Pennsylvania communities on the list of America’s most rat-infested cities serves as a call to action. It emphasizes the constant conflict between urban expansion and pest management. As individuals and local authorities continue to address this issue, it becomes evident that vigilance and ongoing efforts are required to keep the rodent population at bay while also maintaining Pennsylvanians’ quality of life.

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