Truck Crashes Into Lake in Cape Coral: Two People Injured

Image by: NBC2 News

A truck in Cape Coral crashed into a lake and hurt two people. In Cape Coral, this is the third time in three weeks that a car has gone into a lake or canal.

A truck crashed into a lake off of SW 9th Street early Tuesday morning, hurting two people. They were taken to the hospital. The couple was able to get out of the car before the police arrived, according to the police. Someone ran to the next house, knocked on the door, and told the people inside to call 911.

Rescue teams showed up right away. Divers checked the sea and the car to make sure no one else was there or stuck. NBC2 was there when the truck was taken out of the water. Both the driver and the hitchhiker should be fine.

In Cape Coral, this is the third car accident in three weeks that ended in a lake or canal. Police said that drunk or impaired driving may have played a part in two of those crashes. People who drive in Cape Coral need to be extra careful because it has more streams than any other place in the world.

Officer Mercedes Phillips said, “Even a little impairment can make it much harder for you to react quickly.” “You might not know that area has a canal or a body of water.”

People in Cape Coral are told to keep a window puncher in their car just in case they ever find themselves in this dangerous position.

Officer Phillips told them, “It might save your life.”

If your car starts to sink, try rolling down the windows and getting out. On the other hand, if your car is getting wet, the electronics might not be working.

That’s when you should break the windows with the window puncher and then get out.

You can punch holes in windows with the back of a knife, a screwdriver, an umbrella, or even a high-heeled shoe if you don’t have one.

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