Tragic Loss: EMT Fatally Injured While Aiding Wreck Victims Upon Return from Alabama Hospital


A car hit and killed a Mississippi EMT who was helping a crash victim after taking another patient to an Alabama hospital.

ASAP EMS Operations Manager Rusty Hembree said in a statement that Mary “Katie” Pipkins died on Saturday.

It says, “ASAP EMS is saddened by the death of a wonderful friend and coworker.”

Hembree said that one of the ASAP teams was going back to the area they were covering after taking a patient to Mobile, Alabama. The crew saw a car accident on the way back and stopped to help. Pipkins was hit by a passing car while helping one of the victims.

The statement goes on to say, “We as a company are heartbroken over the loss of such a beautiful soul.” “Miss Pipkins was a real hero in every way.” EMS workers looked up to Miss Pipkins and tried to be like her. She loved and cared for everyone no matter what. Her friends and everyone else who knew her looked up to her.

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