Here Is The Most Haunted Arizona Road May Give You Nightmares


Take a journey along one of Arizona’s most haunted roads if you’re in the mood for some excitement. Slaughterhouse Canyon Road is a road in the northwest region of the state, close to Kingman. The route ends at Slaughterhouse Canyon, also called Luana’s Canyon, the site of a macabre legend that has been passed down through the years.

Slaughterhouse Canyon’s Legend

A family of gold miners lived in a cabin in the canyon in the late 1800s, so the tradition goes. The father would abandon his wife and kids and go prospecting for gold for weeks at a time. The family ran out of food one day when he did not come back. Driven insane by starvation and hopelessness, the mother murdered her kids and then herself. Some claim that she did the horrifying act while wearing a bridal dress.

People have been reporting hearing the mother’s and the kids’ screams in the canyon ever since, especially at night. Some have even claimed to have seen the mother’s ghost traversing the canyon in her bridal gown while searching for her husband. Some have experienced a chill, a feeling of fear, or the sensation of being watched.

The Slaughterhouse Canyon Road

You must go down Slaughterhouse Canyon Road, a gravel road that twists through the desert, in order to reach Slaughterhouse Canyon. The road can be uneven and bumpy due to poor maintenance. A car with a four-wheel drive system and high clearance is required. A map or GPS is also required because the road is poorly defined and has a lot of dead ends and forks.

Driving the ten kilometers of the road takes approximately one hour. You’ll pass by some dilapidated vehicles, abandoned buildings, and other evidence of past human habitation. Additionally, you might come across some wildlife, such as snakes, scorpions, or coyotes. There is no cell phone service and the road is extremely remote. Make sure you have adequate gas, water, and supplies because you will be on your own.

Slaughterhouse Canyon’s Haunted Cabin

You will come to the Slaughterhouse Canyon entrance at the end of the road. Although a gate prevents you from entering the canyon, you can park your car and circumvent it on foot. The cabin where the family resided and passed away will then be visible along a route. The cabin is a half-collapsed, graffiti-covered timber structure. There are some vintage clothing, furniture, and other family belongings within. There will also be a spooky vibe like someone is watching you.

You are welcome to explore the cabin and its surroundings if you are brave enough, but take care not to upset anything. It’s a good idea to pack a flashlight as well because the canyon can get very dark. Additionally, be ready to hear sounds like footsteps, whispers, or screams. A few individuals have claimed to have seen shadows, orbs, or apparitions. Others have reported feeling pushes, scrapes, or chilly areas. Additionally, some people have had intense feelings of grief, rage, or dread.


One of Arizona’s most haunted highways, Slaughterhouse Canyon Road, leads to one of the state’s most haunted locations. Many people have been tormented by a terrible and terrifying folklore about the route and the canyon for decades. Drive down this road if you’re seeking for a scary experience, but be careful—you might end up getting more than you bargained for. You can have nightmares or worse if you drive down this infamous road in Arizona.

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