Tragic Discovery: Bodies Found in Search for Missing TV Presenter Jesse Baird and Partner

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Jesse Baird, 26, and Luke Davies, 29, were said to have been killed in Mr. Baird’s Sydney residence last week.

Police officer Beau Lamarre-Condon, who was in a relationship with Mr. Baird, until the end of the previous year, was accused of killing both men on Friday.

Authorities stated that Lamarre-Condon provided information that led them to the bodies, which were found in surf bags in a secluded area about 124 miles southwest of Sydney.

Authorities are highly confident in locating Luke and Jesse.

The New South Wales force claims that a 28-year-old officer and former celebrity blogger was implicated in the deaths of the couple at Mr. Baird’s residence in the Paddington area of the city on Monday.

Jesse Baird and Luke Davies: Tragic White Van Rental and Dispute

Jesse Baird, 26, and Luke Davies, 29, were said to have been killed in Mr. Baird’s Sydney residence last week.


Allegedly, the person rented a white van to dispose of the bodies. Neighbors overheard a dispute at the property earlier that day, as per accounts.

Mr Baird was a presenter with Network 10 until December. Mr Davies was employed as a Qantas flight attendant.

The Mardi Gras board conveyed their heartfelt condolences for the effect on LGBT+ communities across Australia because of the couple’s absence at the annual parade on Saturday.

The incident has prompted Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras organizers to ask police not to march over the weekend, a decision the police commissioner is urging them to reconsider.

The board shared concerns about the presence of law enforcement potentially causing more distress in our communities, which have already been significantly affected by recent events.

The board expressed that the decision was not taken lightly, considering that many police members participating in the parade are also part of the LGBTQIA+ community and are affected by this tragedy.

However, we believe that their attendance at this year’s event could intensify the current feelings of sorrow and discomfort.

As per the board, the person accused of the crime has previously taken part in the parade.

Police Commissioner Karen Webb, who has been attending the annual march since 2006, stated her plan to meet with the organizers to address their decision.

“This incident is not a hate crime directed at the LGBTQ+ community,” she clarified. “We’re currently investigating a case of domestic homicide and… I’m disappointed by the position that the Mardi Gras board has adopted regarding this matter.

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