Tragic Accident in Tomball: Suv Roof Ripped Off by Tractor-trailer, One Killed


Tomball, TX- On Thursday, a Chevy Equinox SUV crashed with a tractor-trailer carrying an oversized load of steel beams near Tomball, Texas.

According to 1011 NOW, the crash resulted in one fatality and multiple injuries, with probable charges pending against the truck driver.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has given the following information on the incident:

  • Location: The accident took place in Tomball, Texas.
  • Vehicles Involved: A Chevy Equinox SUV and a tractor-trailer with a large load were involved.
  • Sequence of Events: The tractor-trailer failed to make a turn and was reversed when it hit the back of the SUV, ripping off the roof of the SUV.
  • Casualties: At the scene, a guy sitting in the back passenger seat of the SUV was declared dead.
  • Injuries: Two adults and a girl, 13, who was in the front seat of the SUV were hurt and taken to the hospital, but they are expected to live.

According to the sheriff’s office, the tractor-trailer driver tried to go backward after failing to make a turn, which caused the SUV to crash into the back of the truck. The crash did a lot of damage to the SUV and sadly tore off its roof.

The man who was sitting in the back passenger seat of the SUV was declared dead at the scene. The victims’ names have not been made public until their families have been notified.

In addition to the person who died, two other adults and a girl, 13, who was sitting in the front of the SUV were taken to a nearby hospital. According to reports, their injuries are not life-threatening, and they should get better.

The authorities have said that they are still looking into what happened. Depending on how this case turns out, the driver of the tractor-trailer could be charged.

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