TRAFFICKING ALERT! Two Men Arrested for Allegedly Smuggling Children Across State Lines


After being accused of smuggling children across the border, two men have been taken into custody pending inquiry. According to the New Mexico State Police, on May 29, an officer pulled down an SUV on Interstate 25 near Las Cruces after observing that people in the back seat were not wearing seatbelts.

When the police pulled over the vehicle, he discovered eleven undocumented immigrants inside, along with a girl who was five years old and another girl who was eleven years old. According to the police, the mother of the children lives in Mississippi and paid Antonio Guerra Garcia, who is 23 years old, and Saul Rojas Villa, who is 40 years old, to take the girls across the border.

Following their arrival in the United States, Garcia and Villa were intended to provide the youngsters with the opportunity to surrender themselves to the Border Patrol in El Paso station. On the other hand, according to the investigators, the guys did not permit the girls to exit and continued driving forward into New Mexico.

Doña Ana County Detention Center was the location where Garcia and Villa were booked into custody. Both men are accused of kidnapping and abusing children in their custody. The Border Patrol was given custody of the children, and there are arrangements in place to bring them back together with their mother.

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