Top 7 Cheapest Jackson, Neighborhoods To Live In For 2024


The Seven Cheapest Syracuse, NY Neighborhoods to Live In the world of real estate, the allure of affordability is universal. It’s an undeniable fact that most of us would rather spend less on housing, groceries, or even a morning cup of coffee. In Jackson, Mississippi, where urban living is more expensive than rural life, finding a location where your dollar goes further might be a game changer. So, where are these areas of affordability in Jackson in 2024? Let’s look at the Saturday Night Science statistics to see who the top contenders are.

The Leading Contenders: Skyline Dr and Larchmont.

Skyline Dr and Larchmont top the list of Jackson’s most affordable neighborhoods. According to the most recent census data, these places provide inhabitants with the opportunity to get more spacious housing while remaining within their budget.

1. Skyline Dr.: An Affordable Haven

Skyline Dr, with a population of 1,516, emerges as Jackson’s most cost-effective neighborhood in 2024. With a Cost of Living Index of 68, it is the fourth cheapest neighborhood in the city. Furthermore, Skyline Dr offers an appealing offering for budget-conscious individuals or families, with a Home Value to Income Ratio of 1.5 (11th cheapest) and a Rent to Income Ratio of 0.022 (36th lowest).

However, it is critical to recognize that affordability frequently comes with trade-offs. While Skyline Dr provides affordable living, people may have to compromise on features such as location or crime rates in exchange for lower housing and grocery expenditures.

2. Larchmont: Affordability Meets Comfort.

Larchmont, a neighborhood with a population of 732, follows Skyline Dr. closely. Despite its small population, Larchmont has the 40th lowest Cost of Living Index, at 74. With a Home Value to Income Ratio of 1.5 (15th cheapest) and a Rent to Income Ratio of 0.016 (7th cheapest), Larchmont allows residents to find economical housing without sacrificing quality of life.

3. Pine Hills

Pine Hills has a population of 87 and a Cost of Living Index of 74, making it the 40th cheapest neighborhood. Its Home Value to Income Ratio of 1.1 (3rd cheapest) and Rent to Income Ratio of 0.019 (20th cheapest) reinforce its reputation as an affordable option for prospective residents.

4. Willow Wood

Willow Wood: With a population of 2,259, Willow Wood has similar affordability characteristics, with a Cost of Living Index of 74. Its Home Value to Income Ratio of 1.4 (10th cheapest) and Rent to Income Ratio of 0.018 (17th cheapest) make it an attractive option for individuals looking for affordable housing in Jackson.

Englewood, Utha Street, and Mcleod: These communities, with their distinct affordability profiles, complete the list of Jackson’s cheapest areas for 2024, catering to a variety of financial choices and lifestyle needs.

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In Summary

Skyline Dr. and Larchmont emerge as frontrunners for affordable living in Jackson in 2024. However, prospective homeowners should consider the trade-offs associated with choosing budget-friendly neighborhoods. While reducing housing expenses can provide immediate financial relief, it is critical to examine other variables such as location, safety, and overall quality of life before making a decision. With a wide range of cheap options accessible, Jackson remains a city where people and families may find a place to live without breaking the bank.

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