Discover the Top 5  Safest Cities in Texas for 2024


Stepping into Texas shows not only its enormous vistas, but also a broad range of cities noted for their dedication to safety and well-being. In this examination of the “Safest Cities in Texas,” we look beyond the bustling metropolises to find towns that value security and calm. From well-kept communities to proactive law enforcement initiatives, these cities demonstrate Texas’ commitment to creating environments in which inhabitants can prosper without continual safety concerns. Join us on this tour as we discover the places that stand out as security beacons, adding to the Lone Star State’s reputation for warmth and safety.

1. Melissa

  • Population: 20,071 Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 24 (safest)
  • Property Crimes Per 100,000: 318 (fourth safest).
  • Murders: 0 Per 100,000: 0

Melissa has been expanding like a plant, thanks in part to the significant increase in safety.

To be honest, in my eight years of ranking cities, I don’t recall seeing such a spike. The nice people of Melissa must be doing something right.

Melissa is a city in Collin County, Texas.

2. Iowa Park

  • Population: 6,595.
  • Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 45 (13th safest).
  • Property Crimes Per 100,000: 409 (ninth safest).
  • Murders: 0 Per 100,000: 0

Iowa Park, located in Wichita County, Texas, has transformed from a railway hub to a safe community with remarkable crime figures since its inception in 1888. It has a violent crime rate of 45 per 100,000 residents, making it the third safest place in Texas.

Property crime rates of 409/100,000 people per capita, combined with top ranks for violent crime, demonstrate the efficacy of local law enforcement. The city’s commitment to security is obvious in these results, which provide peace of mind to its 6,595 residents.

3. Yoakum

  • Population: 5,958.
  • Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 50 (17th safest)
  • Property Crimes Per 100,000: 369 (sixth safest).
  • Murders: 0 Per 100,000: 0

Yoakum, located at the confluence of Lavaca and DeWitt counties, is Texas’ fourth safest city, with no murders and minimal levels of violent crime. The city’s commitment to safety is shown in its violent crime rate of 50/100,000 people and property crime rate of 369/100,000 people.

Yoakum, which emerged in the late nineteenth century with the construction of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway, has grown steadily and developed industrially. Yoakum’s low crime per capita rate of 419/100k people places it seventh in property safety and 17th in violent crime.

4. Fulshear

  • Population: 18,058 Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 27 (second safest).
  • Property Crimes Per 100,000: 570 (23rd safest).
  • Murders: 0 Per 100,000: 0
  • More on Fulshear: Data, Crime, Real Estate.

Fulshear jumped up to #5 this year, after not even making the top 10 the previous year. While Fulshear did not win the gold medal in either violent or property crime in Texas, strong results in both categories secured it a fifth-place finish overall. Fulshear had almost six times less violent crime and four times less property crime than the state average. At Flewellen Creek Park, you can play disc golf or wander along the stream without fear of being hurt.

Fulshear received a 9.5/10 on our overall snackability scale, with strong ratings in education, housing, and, of course, safety! Fulshear is located one hour west of Houston.

5. Trophy Club

  • Population: 13,794.
  • Violent Crimes Per 100,000: 43 (12th safest).
  • Property Crimes Per 100,000: 572 (24th safest).
  • Murders: 0 Per 100,000: 0

Trophy Club is no new to our lists; they always appear somewhere in the favorable ranks. D Magazine has often named it one of the greatest areas to live in Dallas-Fort Worth.

This year, they are the ninth safest city in Texas, thanks to a decrease in violent crime.

We are confident that the town will add this ranking to its trophy case. Am I right?


We observed that the “Safest Cities in Texas” promote security and well-being, providing citizens with secure environments. Melissa’s safety surge, Iowa Park’s safety metamorphosis, Yoakum’s commitment to safety and industrial growth, Fulshear’s significant ranking climb, and Trophy Club’s frequent placement on favorable lists demonstrate Texas communities’ safety. These areas enhance Texas’ friendly character and demonstrate the necessity of law enforcement and community engagement in ensuring safety.

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