Discover The Top 3 BBQ Restaurant In Michigan State


People all over the world love the South’s BBQ, but that doesn’t mean that Michigan doesn’t have some great BBQ places of its own. In one place in the state, you can’t miss the three great restaurants. Jackson, Michigan has the best BBQ in the Mitten State.

Why Michigan Is Famous For BBQ Restaurants

Michigan is known for its BBQ places because it has a lot of different kinds of wood that can be used to smoke the meat. Michigan has a lot of fruit trees, like cherry and apple, that give the grill a unique taste and smell. Michigan also has different regional styles of barbecue, like North Carolina style, Detroit style, and St. Louis style.

These styles are influenced by the past and culture of different parts of the state. Blue Tractor BBQ, Jim’s Joint BBQ, The Boneyard BAR-B-Q, Smoke on the Water, and Rusty Saw Smokehouse are some of the best BBQ places in Michigan. If you click on the links in my answer or do a search on Bing6, you can learn more about these places and others. I hope you have some tasty BBQ soon!

1. Rocky Top Beer BBQ

Rocky Top Beer BBQ

On top of the list is Rocky Top Beer BBQ, which serves real southern-style BBQ. This BBQ place is great if you want a casual place to eat with great food, 26 beers on tap, and TVs to watch your favorite sports teams.

Cherry and hickory wood are used in Rocky Top Beer BBQ’s Ole Hickory Pit Smoker to give its BBQ a real southern taste. There are burgers, fish, and wraps on the menu as well as the tasty wings.

2. Pryor’s BBQ House

Pryor's BBQ House

Pryor’s BBQ House is a drive-thru BBQ joint that serves pulled pork and turkey legs that are smoked and full of flavor. The owner, Larry, learned how to make everything from scratch from his mother.

Catfish, Philly cheesesteaks, and sweet potato pie are some other great menu items. Larry and his family work hard to keep the prices low at their BBQ business, which they own and run themselves. You’ll be full and not broke when you leave Pryor’s BBQ House!

3. West Texas Barbeque Co

West Texas Barbeque Co

The diner West Texas Barbeque Co. is simple and rustic, and they serve delicious Texas-style pit-smoked BBQ.

We wrote a piece about West Texas Barbeque Co. because we love it so much. The smoked turkey breast, beef brisket, and Polish sausage are some of the best things on the menu.


To sum up, Michigan’s BBQ scene, which is often overshadowed by Southern BBQ, shines with its own tastes and regional styles. Jackson, Michigan is known for its great BBQ because it has a lot of fruit trees like cherry and apple trees that give food its own unique flavors. Some well-known barbecue joints in Texas, like Rocky Top Beer BBQ, Pryor’s BBQ House, and West Texas Barbeque Co, serve smoked meats in a variety of settings and with a wide range of tastes. These and other places show that Michigan is a secret gem for BBQ fans, combining old-fashioned charm with modern touches.

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