Here Are the Top 10 BBQ Spots in Tennessee You Must Try in 2024


Tennessee has some of the best BBQ spots in the country. The state has a long history of barbecue. There is a BBQ place in Tennessee for everyone, whether you like Memphis-style, Nashville-style, or something in between.

We’ll tell you about our top 10 BBQ spots in Tennessee that you should visit in 2024. You’ll say “Yee-haw!” when you visit these well-known, tasty, and rewarding places.

B.E. Scott’s BBQ, Lexington

In Tennessee, you can enjoy a real East North Carolina-style BBQ. Their hickory-smoked pit barbecued whole hog is so tasty that even Anthony Bourdain praised it.

Butchertown Hall, Nashville

This is where you should go for the best ribs in Nashville. They serve Texas-style BBQ with first-rate cuts cooked over wood fires. If you do, you have to try the tenderloin back ribs. They are smoked until the meat almost falls off the bone.

Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, Nolensville

Nashville’s best ribs have been served here for a long time. They are famous for their whole hog BBQ, and every day they put a new hog on the grill. They have many places where you can try their spare ribs or baby back ribs.

Peg Leg Porker, Nashville

Even though there is some disagreement about where it is, their BBQ is world-class and makes your mouth water. It’s a full experience, with 11 local beers on tap and a lot of booze.

Central BBQ, Memphis

They’re known for their many pork meals and have been called the best BBQ place in Tennessee. Their “dark,” which is a highly smoked crust, is a BBQ lover’s dream.

Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous, Memphis

Here Are the Top 10 BBQ Spots in Tennessee You Must Try in 2024

A Memphis BBQ institution known for its charbroiled ribs and beef. Their ribs have a unique, smoky flavor because they are cooked in a charcoal tube.

The Bar-B-Que Shop, Memphis

In Memphis, this place is known for its Dancing Pigs Bar-B-Q sauces and rubs. They serve smoked sausage, pork shoulder, or beef soaked in their signature sauce.

Ridgewood Barbecue, Bluff City

They serve traditional and real BBQ plates, sandwiches, and standard Southern sides. Their pork and beef, which have won awards, are cooked in a tomato-based sauce for 8 to 10 hours.

Cozy Corner, Memphis

Southern Living and Gourmet magazines have written about how great their chicken wings are. The wings and ribs, which are dripping with sauce, have a taste that is very Memphis.

Payne’s BBQ, Memphis

This family-run restaurant, which is well-known for having the greatest pork shoulder in the city, offers delicious BBQ sandwiches that are pleasantly sloppy.

Final Words

Tennessee has a long history of great barbecue, and the top 10 BBQ spots for 2024 offer a wide range of tastes that reflect that history.

From the famous East North Carolina style at B.E. Scott’s BBQ to the famous ribs at Butchertown Hall and Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, each place makes an experience that makes your mouth water.

Whether it’s Central BBQ’s smoked crust “dark” or Payne’s BBQ’s messy but delicious sandwiches, these places are a symphony of tasty treats that call people to enjoy Tennessee’s best BBQ.

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