TODDLER, 2, DIES After ACCIDENTAL SHOOTING in Walmart Parking Lot While Parents Shop for Fireworks

Image by: WSB-TV

A Georgia child died after accidentally shooting himself in a Walmart parking lot as his parents were shopping only feet away.

Nakyzi Odums, 2, was left alone in the car on the afternoon of July 3 as his parents went to a neighboring stand to buy fireworks, according to local news channel WALB.

Witnesses informed police that Nakyzi’s parents heard the gunshot and hurried back to their car, where they discovered the youngster had shot himself in the chest. The boy was brought to a hospital in Douglas, Georgia, and then moved to a trauma center in Jacksonville, Florida, where he died on Saturday, according to police on Facebook.

Douglas Police Chief Brannen Pruette said authorities are looking into how the kid got hold of the gun.

“Authorities are continuing their investigation to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the incident,” the governor added.

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According to witnesses, Nakyzi was in the front seat of the automobile, and the gun could have been in the side of the car door, WALB said.

“You’re allowed to have a gun in the car, but when there’s a child involved, you need to make sure that the gun is secure so that the child doesn’t have access to it,” Pruette added, referring to the notion.

It is unknown whether the parents, identified by relatives as Sam Odums and Laileighauna Parks, would be charged in the event. They do not appear in recent arrest reports reviewed by The Independent.

“Authorities are continuing their investigation to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the incident,” officials stated.

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“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.”

Candi Brinson, the child’s grandmother, has set up a GoFundMe page for the family to assist pay for his burial and allow his parents to “grieve properly” independent Stated.

She recalled Nakyzi as a boy who “smiled brightly, laughed wholeheartedly, [and] loved unconditionally.”

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