Mosquitoes Are Worse Than Ever in Indiana: Climate Change to Blame

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Have you observed that the number of mosquitos is substantially higher this year? So, we know why.

I’m not sure about you, but I always have a bad mosquito problem in my yard. I can’t even go outdoors for two minutes without having to swat those insects away. It’s a hassle that no one wants to deal with. Perhaps you’ve used citronella candles while relaxing on your patio. That is helpful in some cases.

Perhaps you have lemongrass or peppermint plants in your yard to help repel mosquitoes. Somehow, they all appear to be limited in effectiveness. This summer, none of my family members have been able to go outside without getting devoured. If you believe mosquitoes have been considerably worse in Indiana this year, you are not alone.

Mosquito season in Indiana begins in April and continues until September. This is when the temperature and weather will be ideal for these pests. The mosquito season in Indiana has increased significantly over time. Mosquitoes are thriving in our area for up to 21 more days this year. This implies that Hoosiers will be exposed to more mosquitoes for longer times.

Why is the Mosquito Season Worse This Year in Indiana?

The solution to that question is straightforward. Climate change is to blame for the more severe mosquito season. According to Northrop Grumman, summers are getting four days longer per decade. This suggests that we will have eight more days of summer weather in 2024 than we did in 2004. According to Terminix:

How Bad Are Mosquitos in Indiana?

I have discovered these maps developed by SSP Innovations that depict locations with high humidity, wetlands, average rain, and heat at night. When these maps are put together, they perfectly reflect the areas with high mosquito activity. The darker the pink, the more mosquitos are in the region.

This map illustrates that mosquitoes are significantly worse in the southern states, but when we zoom in on Indiana, we can see that some locations are just as bad as Florida.

As you can see, southern Indiana (particularly the Evansville area) has the most mosquitos. This makes sense, given that Evansville was rated the warmest city in the state. Also, a little section north of Fort Wayne contains a lot of mosquitos. Click here to learn more about these maps and how nasty the mosquitoes are in your area.

If you have a serious mosquito problem, there are a few things you can do to keep them away. Are you aware that certain colors of clothing attract mosquitoes while others repel them? It is true. Click here to learn more about that. We also have a few mosquito-repelling tricks you can attempt. You can attempt a DIY mosquito trap, change your body soap to keep mosquitoes away and make a DIY beer insect repellent.

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