These Three Delicious American Dishes You Can’t Miss in Hurricane


Hurricane, located in the center of West Virginia, not only offers magnificent views but also acts as a gastronomic sanctuary for fans of classic American cuisine. Hurricane’s restaurants are strongly rooted in the region’s rich history and numerous cultural influences, providing a delightful trip through time and flavor.

From deep Southern classics to famous American comfort foods, this lovely town has something for everyone’s taste. Join us on a gourmet journey across Hurricane’s culinary environment, where the flavor of classic American foods blends with the warmth of local friendliness. Prepare for a dining experience that embodies the essence of real American tastes.

1. Cross County Diner

  • Address: 112 W State St, Hurricane, UT 84737
  • Phone: (435) 216-7988
  • Description: Fast food establishment, diner.

Cross Country Diner, located in the bustling core of downtown Hurricane, stands out as a lovely culinary sanctuary that serves a diversity of cuisines from around the country. With its distinctive trailer-style architecture, this intimate cafe creates a warm, inviting ambiance evocative of a food truck journey.

The restaurant takes pride in its huge servings, exquisite handcrafted meals, and diversified menu, which takes customers on a culinary trip across America’s regional cuisines. Whether you’re eating the towering Three Little Pig sandwich, savoring the homemade cheesecake and pies, or biting into the perfectly cooked Utah burger, Cross Country Diner guarantees an exceptional dining experience with friendly service, making it a must-see destination for foodies and travelers alike.

2. Pig’s Ear American Bistro

  • Address: 75 2000 W, Hurricane, Utah 84737.
  • Phone: (435) 359-1957.
  • Description: Restaurant

Located in Southern Utah, this culinary jewel provides an exceptional dining experience that continually impresses its customers. Whether you’re celebrating a special event with a large party or having an intimate dinner date, the service is superb, with employees like Arianna and Toy receiving high acclaim for their attentiveness. The menu is a voyage of tastes, with the greatest Key Lime pie, luscious shrimp, tender shakin’ beef, and the “GREATEST” house bacon cheeseburger.

The atmosphere is clean, pleasant, and bright, with a bartender who enhances the experience with fascinating conversation. With each visit, whether it’s for the flawlessly cooked steaks, delectable Eggs Benedict, or the chef’s excellent Pasta De Imare, people leave eager to return to this must-see venue.

3. Lonny Boy’s Barbeque

  • Address: 980 W State St, Hurricane, UT 84737
  • Phone: (435) 215-3011
  • Description: BBQ, American (Traditional), Sandwiches

Lonny Boy’s BBQ, located in the lively town of Hurricane, Utah, among the breathtaking views of Zion National Park, provides a pleasant getaway for the hungry wanderer. This barbecue business has received mixed reviews, despite its reputation for delicious ribs and a diverse menu that includes brisket, pulled pork, and a variety of sides ranging from mashed potatoes to mac & cheese.

While some customers praise about the delicious ribs and well-seasoned coleslaw, others find the meats slightly dry and the sides lacking in taste. Despite the criticism, Lonny Boy’s stands out for its laid-back vibe and is frequently lauded for its service and local beer choices. Whether you’re recharging after a day of exploring or simply looking for a relaxing place to have a full meal, Lonny Boy’s BBQ wants to be a memorable part of your Southern Utah adventure.


Hurricane, located in the center of West Virginia, not only provides magnificent views but also acts as a gastronomic refuge for fans of traditional American food. From the rustic beauty of Cross Country Diner, where gigantic sandwiches and Utah burgers steal the show, to Pig’s Ear American Bistro’s superb cuisine and welcoming environment, Hurricane provides a culinary trip across America’s regional specialties.

Lonny Boy’s Barbeque adds a Southern twist, providing a diverse but engaging BBQ experience against the gorgeous background of Zion National Park. Hurricane’s numerous dining options provide both gastronomic marvels and a warm welcome of local warmth.

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