Here Are Three Best Burgers Spots in Belton,Texas You Must Try in 2024


Take a culinary tour around Belton, Texas, where the burger scene is as varied and savory as the town itself. Belton, located between Austin and Waco, offers a distinct array of must-try burgers to suit any taste. From typical American cheeseburgers to gourmet innovations, this lovely village offers a burger place to satisfy every appetite.

Join us as we explore the delectable choices from area restaurants, each with its unique take on this popular comfort dish. Prepare to experience the juiciness, originality, and regional flare of the must-try burgers that have made Belton a burger lover’s paradise.

1. Crow’s Burger Shop

  • Address: 613 Waco Rd, Belton, TX 76513 
  • Phone: (254) 939-0333
  • Description: Burgers

This restaurant is well-known for its delicious “greasy burger” and provides a great eating experience that leaves visitors wanting more. The cheese tots are similarly wonderful, adding to the entire gourmet enjoyment. It’s a must-see when in the neighborhood, providing a spectacular supper that will leave you wishing you’d snap photographs as a memory.

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2. B Town Burgers

  • Address: 508 Sparta Rd, Belton, TX 76513 
  • Phone: (254) 933-9800
  • Description: Hamburgers

B-Town is a popular neighborhood burger business known for its classic, juicy burgers, crispy fries, and exquisite cheese sticks. The pleasant, familiar staff adds to the warm, homey atmosphere. Despite its restricted opening hours, the restaurant’s dedication to fresh, made-to-order meals and consistent quality has resulted in a devoted client base.

While some think the burgers are overdone, many say they are the greatest they’ve ever tasted. The golden, crunchy onion rings are also much praised. B-Town, a go-to spot for authentic burgers, provides a handcrafted burger experience.

3. Whataburger

  • Address: 307 N Interstate 35, Belton, TX 76513 
  • Phone: (254) 933-0010
  • Description: Burgers, Fast Food

Whataburger in Bellmead, TX is a renowned fast-food restaurant that constantly provides a pleasant dining experience. The crew, particularly the exceptionally charming Mary Bell, is attentive and ensures that all orders are correct, replete with considerate extras such as straws, ketchup, and napkins.

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The menu includes fresh, excellent burgers with minimum fat, and the onion rings are a highlight, with a delightful crunch and just the right amount of salt. While their raspberry shake isn’t a standout, the whole experience keeps people coming back for more.

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Final Words

Finally, Belton, Texas, emerges as a burger lover’s paradise, with a varied choice of must-try alternatives to suit all preferences. From the scrumptious “greasy burger” at Crow’s Burger Shop to the traditional and juicy options at B Town Burgers and the always pleasant experience at Whataburger, this culinary tour demonstrates the town’s dedication to providing a rich and gratifying burger experience. Belton’s burger scene surely reflects the many cuisines of this quaint Texas hamlet.

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