Here Are 10 Best Burgers in Oklahoma City You Must Try in 2024


Oklahoma City offers a wide variety of burgers, from traditional to unusual, from cheap to luxury, and from meaty to vegetarian. Whether you want a fast lunch or a gourmet experience, OKC has a burger location for you.

To assist you in finding the greatest burgers in Oklahoma City, we’ve produced a list of the top ten burger places based on user reviews, ratings, and popularity. From juicy meat to crispy bacon, melting cheese to spicy sauces, these burgers will fulfill your appetites and leave you wanting more.

1. Bar Arbolada

This place is famous for its old-fashioned burgers, which are known for being good quality and tasty. For those who want a standard burger experience, this is the place to go.

2. Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails-Paseo

This place is known for its great burgers, which are made with rich, juicy mixes, house pickles, and caramelized sides. It’s a great option for people who like good products and well-prepared food.

3. Paseo Grill

At Paseo Grill, you can get burgers made from steak scraps, which is a different and tasty take on the usual burger. They’re also known for having great fries.

4. Patty Wagon

The Patty Wagon serves classic, tasty burgers that are always done just right. It’s a great place to enjoy an old-school burger in a great setting. They have great onion rings that you should not miss!

5. Palo Santo

The burgers here have Asian flavors because Chef Brian Butler worked with Chef Roy Choi many years ago. Along with your burger, you should try the okonomiyaki tots.

6. Spark

They have many kinds of burgers, but the BLC, which has pimento cheese, bacon, cheddar crisp, and crunchy pickles, is one of the most tasty.

7. Burger Punk

If you want to try something different, get The Clash Burger. It has grilled onions, jalapeños, American cheese, cilantro, lime, and hoisin mayo.

8. HiFi Burger Shop

This burger shop is famous for its Batch #23 burger, which has smoked cheese, bread, and butter pickles, cast iron BBQ sauce, and mayo. If you like burgers, you have to go here.

9. The Hamilton Lounge & Supperette

The Aaron Burger at The Hamilton Lounge & Superette is a tasty mix of Creekstone Farms meat, horseradish, dijon mustard, ketchup, sauce, house pickles, and American cheese.

10. Good Times

This is a great place to get classic burgers and pickle fries, which go well with a frozen Painkiller in a dive bar-like atmosphere that’s not a dive bar.


People who like burgers can go on a food adventure in Oklahoma City that includes both traditional and unusual tastes. There are a lot of different kinds of burgers in the city, so there is something for everyone’s tastes and cash. There are a lot of great burger places in Oklahoma City, and this list of the ten best ones has a mix of old-fashioned favorites, new twists, and delicious pairings. Any burger lover will be happy with this list.

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