This Venue Is Supposed to Be the Most Haunted Place in New Mexico!


Located about seventeen miles north of Cimarron, Dawson is well known for its ghostly atmosphere and creepy stories. Founded in 1901 as a flourishing mining town, the Dawson Cemetery is now one of its few surviving examples.

Dawson’s Ascent and Decline

Dawson was a thriving mining town in its heyday, with coal mines providing wealth and a peak population of 9,000 at one point. The town had a movie theater, swimming pool, hospital, and other facilities. After being purchased by the Phelps Dodge Company in 1906, the mine saw tremendous growth. Dawson also boasted a baseball field, golf course, bowling alley, theater, hotel, and contemporary residences.

The town’s prosperity, nevertheless, didn’t last long. Two different explosions in the mining industry killed hundreds of men. A mine explosion on October 22, 1913, claimed the lives of 253 men, and two more were slain in attempts to rescue them. On February 8, 1923, less than ten years later, 123 people perished in another explosion.

Narratives of the Paranormal

Visitors who have observed many weird behaviors have said that there is unrest around the miners’ graves, which are marked with iron crosses. There have been reports of lights that resemble people exploring the graveyard while wearing mining helmets. After dark, reports of low whispers, moans, and even observable apparitions have been made. One of the most haunted locations in New Mexico is Dawson Cemetery, which is home to a sizable number of tragically deceased miners.

Dawson in the Present

Dawson, a ghost town now, is evocative of its past horrors. All of the town’s buildings have been demolished, leaving only the graveyard and a few isolated ruins. The white cross-lined cemetery serves as a somber memorial of the miners who perished in the explosions.

Although Dawson is located on private land, the public can still visit the cemetery and pay their respects. It is highly recommended that you show respect for the location and not cause any disruptions.

Organizing a Visit

Remember that Dawson is located in a remote area of New Mexico if you are considering visiting. Carry plenty of water, dress appropriately, and let someone know where you are. If you go there at night, be ready for the possibility of paranormal activity.

In Summary

Dawson leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits it because of its historical significance and unsettling beauty. Anyone looking for a unique adventure, history buffs, and paranormal seekers are drawn to it because of its tragic past and stories of restless souls. Dawson offers a chilling look into the past that will not soon be forgotten.

Dawson is a haunting reminder of the past because of its tragic past and ghost stories. The spooky atmosphere and ghost legends of the cemetery and ghost town enthrall visitors. Whether or not one believes in the paranormal, Dawson is a place worth seeing because of its eerie charm and rich history.

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